• 06/06/2013 (6:56:21 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Dusty Rhodes will not be appearing at LOTR 16 or the PWS event this Saturday due to a medical issue.

LOTR has rescheduled Dusty for October 5th at LOTR 17.

 Statement from PWS on Dusty Rhodes

Whats up guys ...we always believe in telling you all the truth , so here's the bad news. Late this morning we were notified by Highspots that they received word from Dusty Rhodes' agent Mike O'Brien that Dusty is in the hospital with a foot infection. Dusty's doctors have told him that he cannot fly and therefore wi...ll not be appearing this weekend. We did verify this with other sources and this is legit. We do of course wish Dusty a speedy recovery.

That said, if anyone would like a refund ... we will happily refund you in full for your ticket purchase, just drop us a message on here or via The PWS website. We were told that Mike O'Brien would provide a statement about this, however that has yet to happen and the longer we wait it's killing us because we're starting to feel like we're withholding information from you guys.
When a statement from Dusty's agent does get passed to us we will happily share it.

iPPV. Well with Dusty off this now means the iPPV will run with nothing blacked out as Dusty was not permitted to appear on the iPPV which we only found out about a few days ago.

Replacement. Who's it going to be. What will PWS do to replace Dusty Rhodes. Will they reach out to another name ? Will PWS call Sid since everyone knows they have his phone number? No. Honestly , instead of us banging our heads into the wall trying to think of the perfect replacement from the outside on two days notice, we're going to look internally as THAT individual is already with us. We already have the guy that we feel can best represent PWS as our Guest Commissioner this Saturday night and we are happy to have "The Original Gangsta" New Jack assume that position.



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