• 01/25/2014 (9:13:57 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hi Bob, I enjoy very much. Just wanted you and your readers to know that the ECWA World tag Team Champions, D-LINE  started their PODCAST show and announced to the world that they are going to help out their super fan Kim with her medical problems. Kim suffering from cancer was with them last July when they won the ECWA Tag Team Championship. It’s a heart warming story and she was their first guest on the PODCAST recounting the story. You can listen to D-LINE Podcast on the following. Hit them up on twitter @DLINEPODCAST and if you buy a D-LINE shirt the money goes to help Kim with her medical bills. Cool story about wrestlers who care about their fans.

ECWA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS D-LINE Invite the D-LINE Nation to join them as they change the game in the Podcast world. Fans now can listen and even take part in this ground breaking adventure as D-LINE bring the fans in closer to the world of the D-LINE. The Following are the listed ways you enjoy the D-LINE PODCAST.

1. TALKSHOE.COM –This is the Podcast provider for D-LINE. Please sign up for free and check out the D-LINE page. Future LIVE shows will take place here.

2. APPLE –I TUNES – Search on I TUNES for D-LINE PODCAST and please subscribe, subscribe, subscribe to the show. Once you do the show will download to your phone or listening device with I-TUNES app is downloaded.

3. Like us on Facebook- DLINE SHOW is the name you search.!/

4. Email the D-LINE at [email protected]

5. Follow us on Twitter @DLINEPODCAST


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