• 08/12/2019 (5:05:28 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin
EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory was trending on Twitter after his surprise appearance at NXT Takeover Toronto last Saturday. We have the scoop on what this means for his future in EVOLVE and more. Let’s get to it….
Austin Theory At NXT Takeover: EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory was selected to make his first NXT appearance by Paul Levesque after the EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Celebration special on the WWE Network. This shows the importance of the EVOLVE Championship. If JD Drake had won the Title vs. Title Match at the EVOVLE 10th Anniversary Celebration he would have gone to NXT Takeover. Theory is currently scheduled for EVOLVE events on August 24th in Livonia, MI, August 25th in Chicago, IL, September 20th in Brooklyn, NY and September 21st in Queens, NY. Theory will remain in EVOLVE as long as he is champion, so it is possible he will be good for dates after September. You can get tickets for all the August and September dates now at Etix.com.
Theory Meet & Greets: Theory will be available for pictures and autographs at the August and September EVOLVE events. He might main event Wrestlemania one day. This is your chance to meet him in the intimate confines of independent wrestling.
Theory Talks Immediately After Takeover Appearance: Our cameras caught up with Austin Theory just minutes after his appearance at NXT Takeover to get his first comments. Check it out..
Paul Levesque Talks EVOLVE: The Pre-NXT Takeover Conference Call with Paul Levesque last week saw him comment on EVOLVE. Levesque had the following to say:
“The EVOLVE (10th Anniversary Celebration) was spectacular. I thought it was great. Obviously, a huge deal for a bunch of young talent trying to make a name for themselves and step up to the next level. It’s really a proving ground like, hey you want to be a WWE Superstar, if you want to make it in the business, EVOLVE is a place you should be trying to get to….It was an experiment we’ve been building for a long time, and it was a grand slam. I think you’re going to see a lot more of that. I think Gabe (Sapolsky) and Sal (Hamaoui) have a lot to be proud of in the brand they’ve built there. I’m excited they put something together there that really showcases these young guys and girls at a level of trying to break into the business and really make a name for themselves and get rolling and progress to NXT and WWE.”
Opportunities For New Wrestlers, Referees & Managers: Levesque made it clear that EVOLVE is the place to be if you want to climb from the independents to NXT/WWE. EVOLVE is looking for new talent in this weekend’s WWN Recruitment Camp. It is almost sold out. The August 25th WWN Seminar/Tryout is sold out. WWN is currently taking applications for the September 20th WWN Seminar/Tryout in Brooklyn, NY. You must have completed a reputable training course to quality. Go to the WWNlive.com Seminar/Tryout section for all the info.

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