• 09/28/2017 (6:47:25 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin
EVOLVE and WWN are in the headlines. We have the scoops. Let’s get to it….
September 28th: WWN Champion Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWN Championship has been signed as the main event of EVOLVE 94 on October 14th back home at La Boom in Queens, NY. Tickets are on sale at TicketFly.com. Make sure to watch the explosive ending of EVOLVE 93 when Matt Riddle addresses the locker room to see why this match is happening.
September 28th: There are still great seats available for the EVOLVE debut in East Haven, CT. Get them now at TicketFly.com. EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr. will defend the championship on this event!
September 28th: We will have the complete cards for EVOLVE 94 and EVOLVE 95 early next week right here in the WWN Alerts.
September 28th: EVOLVE and WWN are currently exploring options for future streaming platforms. The company has already been approached by multiple platforms. In addition, there is the possibility of taking everything in house back to WWNLive.com. We are also exploring various pricing options for different viewing options. We welcome your feedback. Please tweet using #WWNLive and let us know how you would like to see EVOLVE and the other WWN Family brands.
September 28th: You can watch last weekend’s acclaimed EVOLVE 92 and EVOLVE 93 now at WWNLive.com. Own the stream for $9.99. If you were a FloSlam subscriber, you get 50% off. All the details are at these links:
-Watch last Friday’s EVOLVE 92 here.
-Watch last Saturday’s EVOLVE 93 here.
September 28th: We all love pro wrestling. We are all here because we are fans. We will continue to bring you the best wrestling possible with The WWN Family. Your support makes this happen. We will always give you our best. Thank you.

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