• 09/24/2013 (3:58:15 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

I would like to give my review of the Sheild signing at Steiner's Sports at Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, New York. The first thing I would like to clarify is that the Sheild were very friendly to the fans.  A matter of fact Seth Rollins even stood up on a chair and acknowledged the people who came out to see them. When I got my autographs got to shake hands with them and even talked with them briefly. Dean Ambrose even commented on my Shield shirt. The Sheild was the only positive to this signing
Now the negative, and this is directed at Steiner's management.  When I called Steiner's the first week the signing was posted, the guy I spoke to said that for $75.00 I would get all three autographs and a photo op.  The week I bought the tickets in person the sales guy asked if I was bringing my own item and if I was taking a picture with them ?  I told him, "yes" and he replied it would be" $107.00".
I then told him that when I spoke to the guy on the phone he said I got everything for "$75.00".  The salesperson then said, " Oh no. You get the signatures for $75.00,  and if you want a photo op it would cost an additional $25.00".    I told him that I would only take the signature ticket.  Later that day I called the store back and I asked why was I told that it would be $75.00 for everything, and now if I wanted a picture I had to pay an additional $25.00 ? [Also note that they even had $75.00  for everything on their website when it was first posted] The sales person claimed that, "If you want to be in the picture with them then you will have to pay the additional $25.00."  I then asked him, could I just take a picture of them signing my item ?  He said, " Sure, but the picture is a professional picture and you wont be able to pose with them.".   If Steiner's had said that it was $100.00 from the beginning I would have no problem, but thy waited and decided to add an extra charge for what they call a "professional picture".  And from what I read Of the previous reviews their camera didn't work.  The "professional picture" they claim they were offering is the same thing we all are capable of doing with a good digital camera, so why would I give them an additional $25.00. 
The talent was a class act but the bait and switch tactics Steiner's used are unacceptable.
I. Francis
Wantagh, NY 11793

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