• 07/06/2013 (8:09:03 pm)

I went to the annual TNA Basebrawl Show for my third and most likely last year. Every year in which I attended the show, there haves been an annual drop off in attendance. This year, the show drew 1/4 of the stadium,. which was half of last years crowd.

The TNA Basebrawl shows are fun, but they are beyond short. Usually the shows clock in under two hours and thirty minutes.
I was going to pass on attending this year, but TNA was selling for $40 a family package of 4 TNA tickets with 4 Brooklyn Cyclones tickets.
The first row tickets with the fan meet & greet were available at the day of the show, which usually sold out on the first hour in previous years.

 Part of the TNA experience is the constant shilling for $50 back stage passes, merchandise, photo ops, etc. This year TNA went too far in making up revenue when they drew less than 2000 fans in a minor league baseball stadium. The first five matches of the show went one hour and ten minutes. The AJ Styles/Samoa Joe/Bobby Roode was the best match on the show. If they were given five more minutes, it would have felt like a high quality PPV match. Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries had the most heat for any match, since Hardy sells like any classic baby face. Austin Aries is such a underrated heel in which TNA dropped the ball on.

After the Hardy/Aries match, TNA went to a forty three minute intermission. They over sold $50 VIP back stage passes to the point most people were rushed before they got all of their autographs. After the intermission, the show had two more matches which went under forty minutes. Kurt Angle still did a lot and Bully Ray is such a great heel. After the match ended at 9:48 PM, TNA went right to their sales spiel for a photo op with Kurt Angle in the ring. Between the photo & fire works, this went longer than the second half of the show.  

This is my last TNA show, even with such low ticket prices. The wrestling was a back drop for TNA to push a merchandise stand with outdated merchandise, $50 back stage passes, & a post shop photo op. A show that clocks in with one hour and thirty minutes of wrestling is pitiful for a major promotion. TNA greatly needs to reevaluate their live show experience.
***** Note : To be fair, although the attendence was down, there have always been empty sections in the corners of the outfield. Also in previous years TNA has had Platinum Packages with Sting, Ric Flair & Jeff Hardy signing Baseball Bats, which they did not have this year.
The 1st photo was sent in with this fan's report.The 2nd photo was taken by one of the staff and shows part of the crowd in attendence************



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