• 06/04/2013 (6:22:32 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

This past I went to the TNA Impact Fan Interaction.  It was a great time and I highly think if you are a fan of Impact Wrestling to try it at least once if you have the chance. 
I took my nephew to meet all the stars.  We arrived around 8am to the hall in Woburn, MA that was hosting the event to pick up the VIP passes.  The VIP passes gave the fans 2 autographs and a photo with the talent.  We also found out that it came with one of the Impact 8x10 photos of each person, which was a great add to many of the fans.  When doors finally opened I picked up a program booklet for my nephew to be signed by everyone. 
The first person we saw was Al Snow who started the day in a great mood.  Would sign for anyone and if fans had either WWE Encyc he would sign every place he was in.  He was real friendly with my nephew, asked him about his kids, wife, and job.  It was funny.
The Fan Interaction was set up into 2 different times first was 9am till 11:30am and then 12 till 2:30.  From there it was set up into 2 different rooms; Main Hall and Salon A.
We first went to Main Hall for first grouping:  It included Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Joseph Parks, Samoa Joe, Kenny King, Chris Sabin, and AJ Styles. We got in line for AJ Styles first when Socal Val, Christy Hemme, and J.B. started the hype for the first group. 
AJ was in character, he did not talk to anyone and did not smile.  Joe was great with my nephew.  Joseph Parks would sign Abyss if not asked, but if asked he would say no.  Kenny King let the fans pose with the X Division Title.  That room was crazy busy and when they announced the time we skipped on the Daniels and Kaz since they had a long line and headed to Salon A room.
That room had: Taryen Terrell, ODB, Gail Kim, Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley, Hector Guerrero, Willie Urbina, and Velvet Sky.
All the announcers were real nice.  Hector was great.  He is a PT teacher and spent a good few minutes talking to my nephew about school and testing in FLA.  As we waited in the next line my nephew talked about everything that students have to do in FL schools.  Velvet is a sweetheart gave him a hug signed his stuff and when asked if he has any brothers or sisters she gave him a photo for his brother also.  All the Knockouts gave my nephew a hug.
After clearing the knockout room we head back over to Kaz and Daniels who were doing an interview for a radio station.  I understand promoting your show but it was kinda weird they would stop a line for talent on that grouping to be on the radio.
Next was group 2 and we started in the Ace’s and Eights room.  This was the highlight of the day.   This room had: Devon, Bully Ray, D.O.C, Garrett Bischoff, Knux, Anderson, Wes Brisco, and Taz.  We went to the Taz line first as they intro was going on.  Anderson step right up to my nephew “Well move already and get out of my way”.
Taz was friendly.  Anderson said he does not sign for Cena fans, “what you don’t think I can see you”.  Bully Ray told him to stand to the side and called for an Ace’s and Eights t-shirt and told him to put it on in and they do it right.  After doing so Ray asked if he feels clean, feels better as a person.  He was on cloud nine.  After that Devon, Bischoff and Brisco welcomed him to the club.
While we were in the Ace’s and Eights room we heard Dixie Carter was walking around the other room and someone was carrying her figure to be signed.  We missed that.
Next room was James Storm, Gunner Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Suicide, Jay Bradley, Sam Shaw, Chavo, Hernandes, Socal Val, and Christy Hemme was running around signing when she could. 
Everyone was great.  Angle was soft spoken to my nephew.  He had Angle’s figure and someone gave him a paint marker to autograph the figure with after he put the K on the book.  Kurt cleaned the box and resigned it.  Jeff Hardy is always great to the kids.  He gave him a few extra photos for and thanks him for visiting with him.  My nephews is are big fans of the Impact Wrestling video game and to see Suicide the star of the video in person was really cool for him.  After he got out of that line we got in line for Herandes and Chavo but my nephew asked if we could get an autograph for his brother.  So we left the line to see Suicide again.  He told Suicide about he and his brother playing the video game and that I got his brother (who was too young to be there) the Suicide figure.  Then asked for autograph for his brother, Suicide gave him a thumbs up, high-5 and signed one for his brother.
After that is was on to Hulk Hogan.  Unannounced was Brooke Hogan.  It was set for 3pm but it started late and the new Don West Jimmy James (HIGH-4) was auction off the poster that were on display behind the talent.
Finally the Hulk and Brooke arrived and it was on.  Brooke was real friendly and when she got a photo with my nephew she told him to do the Hulk pose with the muscles.  Then she introduced him to Hulk Hogan.  “Hey little brother” it was a great thing to see.  Everyone was great.
That day was all for my nephew and I took all his photos, the photos I took with the talent when I finally looked at them, WOW someone needs to learn to take photos.  People send large money for the tickets for people that take good photos of background.  At first I thought it was because of my camera but then talking to my friends they all felt the same.  That was the bad thing the day, that more than half the photos of me with talent was more background than talent.  Pretty lame, but I am fine with it because I took the photos of my nephew and that is what mattered to me.
After dropping him home I came back for the Bully Ray dinner thing.  It was a nice little set-up.  The Bully Ray question and answer was really funny.  Bubba is really good.  Nothing ground breaking but nice little idea.
The next early afternoon was the Sting photo-op.  It was kind of a weird time, a 2pm photo-op for a 6:30 door open.  It was real fast.  Single file line to get a photo with Sting.  It was walk up to Sting who had his arm out to put over your shoulder (“buddy pose”), “hi”, camera flash, “thanks for coming”.  It was fast but nice photo-op with a nice backdrop that they use for press stuff.  From there they print out the photo and hand you a free gift which for most was a Sting mask, but some got a Sting figure.
The VIP pass is well worth it.  Fun time at that and the talent does a lot for the kids.

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