• 07/08/2014 (11:53:34 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hi there

I had the chance to go to the Raw taping at the Bell center in Montréal yesterday. Here are some notes from the event, beside what you saw on TV;

-2 matches were taped for SuperStars
-Adam Rose vs Titus O'Neil.
-Curtis Axel (with Ryback) vsTyson Kidd (W.Natalya). Neither ''manager'' interfered. Good match with lots of ''Goldberg'' chants.

Lots of chants for Lawler as well during breaks, especially during the first half of the show. Obviously he came out to a huge ovation. That whole Lawler story, when you stop to think about it, is really amazing.
Smaller chants for JBL throughout the night as well.

Don't know how it came across on TV but the crowd was hot for the whole night, except for the Alicia Fox match which was beyond awful. All the other matches were good, though. 

For those of you wondering, what Cesaro said means ''Quebecers are rotten (or sucks)'' The crowd chanted it back at him during his match (Tu es pourri!). There also were some fans chanting the ''O Canada'' during Rusev's match.

During the Russian flag salute, Van Dam rolled to the floor with the referee, stopped selling and mockingly pinned the referee's shoulders for the count.

Bret got a huge response too, and his comment about if he could have one last match,it would be in Montréal was interesting. Wonder how that comment went over in Calgary.

Funny, most of the stuff they showed on the giant screen during the commercials (The Network, Juicy Drops and K-Mart) are not even available around here. 

I found it a bit cheap that they couldn't give us a dark main event after we were robbed of it last time (it was supposed to be Punk vs Cena) and the Patterson ceremony was scratched as well because of the Lawler incident. Instead it was just Roman Reigns shaking hands with ringsiders and posing for a few pictures. Cena had left by this time, so they clearly are positioning Reigns as the new top guy.

Attendence was about 12 000. They announced a return date for a house show for Friday Oct. 17th.

thanks for reading;

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