• 05/06/2013 (9:33:27 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Meeting Jimmy Valiant & George South…

I wanted to report on a personal story, of a wrestling show, which is a continuation in a friendship with Jimmy Valiant. Jimmy runs a wrestling school in Shawsville, Virginia every Sunday from 12-4 PM and he is one of the most accessible wrestlers of all time. I plan a family trip to North Carolina and a trip to Virginia occasionally and Jimmy told me about a show in Elkin, North Carolina that some of his students would be at for EWA promotion.

Leaving from "Boogie's Wrestling Camp" on Saturday afternoon a large group of friends followed each other to the show, being led by a car with Jimmy in it. When we got to the National Guard Armory we got to set up the ring and later in the night got enjoy the show from the very best seat in the house, next to WWWF and NWA favorite Handsome Jimmy the Boogie Woogie Man Valiant. I told Jimmy earlier in the week I wanted to sell some merchandise and he went out of his way to make sure I had a table for my stuff. He also filmed a promo video with me for camp.

The next day when I arrived at BWC Jimmy came to me and escorted me to one of the many buildings on the property that are filled with pictures and memorabilia. He had me filmed for a 50th Anniversary documentary on his 50th year in wrestling. In the short statement I put over how Jimmy has been one of the top people in my life since meeting him and I urged fans to come to meet him as they will have a friend for life in Jimmy and his wife Angel and the students.

Shortly after, I met NWA's Mr. #1 George South. We had previously talked briefly but had not met in person. When I approached him he already knew who I was from speaking with Jimmy and treated me like an old friend. He participated in a question and answer session with another wrestler Stan "The Man" Lee, answering questions for students. I caught up with George again and got him to do a promo video where we promoted BWC and George's book. Even though both George and Jimmy are accessible to fans, if anyone can not attend a convention where they appear or BWC they can get in touch with either man by their official websites or so if you love wrestling be sure to check them out.
Baltimore Maryland


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