• 07/31/2012 (7:30:25 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Featuring Robbie E, Rhino,Carlito,Reby Sky & Matt Hardy…

Went to the Scrappers game on Sunday and i have mixed thoughts on the event. First i bought two meet and greets for $20 each and they included game ticket and hotdog, drink and a bag of chips, which i thought was a good deal.

The line moved very very slow. We got up there and the guy told us we could not get pictures with the wrestlers with the meet and greet. If we wanted to take pictures it was $5.00 each wrestler additional.

I dont mind paying for autographs, i wish it was advertised. The other thing i did not like was the fact that the Scrappers advertised meet the wrestlers through out the game but they charged $5.00 an autograph and $5.00 for photo opp if you didnt buy the meet and greet.

Not expensive but this was not advertised. Been to six diffrent minor league games and no other has charged. Lastly, since i went to an area of stadium and took some pictures of them signing and a local wrestler that was working for the promotion chewed me out and told me i wasnt allowed to take pictures. I thought that was a joke.

 I told wrestling figs about this event and i wont give the Scrappers any help anymore. The wrestlers seemed frustrated and like they didnt want to be there.

Thanks for all the tips.


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