• 09/24/2012 (1:51:17 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Show was great except for the rain.

I can't believe the stadium charged for parking that was the first thing that was wrong. Second they didn't have my tickets when I went up to the window. Nobody in the ticket office had a clue and it wasn't just me. I met one of your other ticket winners there and they didn't have his but it just wasn't us. I guess a local radio station gave away tickets as well and those people went up to the ticket window and they couldn't find theirs either. It is so much better when Northeast Wrestling runs the ticket sales.
Update : I went to the box-office at around 4:30 and told them i won tickets. This time I think the people in the ticket office was disturbed because she looked at my license and said where did you win them from? I told them and she just printed out two tickets.
The autograph session for all the wrestlers went smoothly except for Hogan. Tickets were numbered so we could meet the other wrestlers and then come back in line when they called us. They never called numbers so we had no clue so after my friend and I got all the other wrestlers we got in line for Hogan. Hogan was fine but it was some of the staff that left a bad taste in my mouth. They tried to rush us through after my friend got his picture taken they tried to move him along without getting his stuff signed. When my friend put his stuff down to get it signed they still wanted him to move along and they were going to give it to him over there is what was stated. He paid for the combo and to see Hogan autograph his items and take a photo with him .Those staff members should have cheered up.
The wrestling was great and after the rainstorm their was only so much wrestling you could do, but we didn't mind. They started the Taven-Anthony match then it really started to come down and then went to a rain delay and then after the rain stopped they cleaned the ring and then out comes Anthony and Taven still fighting. Kasey Ray got ejected from the match. Brian Anthony won with a flying elbow off the 1st base dugout onto Taven through a table. Hardy beat Callihan with a Twist of Fate and Ausanio and Goldust beat Roselli and Robinson. I would say that about 250-300 stayed.
Also during the rain storm Larry Dallas of The Scene and Dragon Gate USA was walking around as well and I got to take a photo with him.
Thanks for everything though. Me and my friend had a really great time.

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