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  • Bob Mulrenin


There is no more pivotal event in the NYWC calendar year than Psycho Circus, and for the eleventh year it was time for the NYWC superstars, and some of the biggest names in all of professional wrestling, to once again bring down the house.
The show kicked off with the one and only voice of the NYWC, the incomparable Larry Legend. After a few pre-show announcements, Legend introduced Ashley Beard to sing the National Anthem. The crowd came to their feet as she paid homage to the U.S.A. with a beautiful rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. After a big ovation, Ms. Beard exited the ring. It was time to get the show underway.
This over-the-top-rope battle royal has been a staple of Psycho Circus, and this year’s winner would earn a golden opportunity; the right to challenge for any championship in the NYWC.
Participants: Braydon Knight, Victor Cruz, Jesse Vane, J-Redd, “The Great Bambino” CJ Antonino, Danny E, “Juicy” Justin Corino and Dustin Corino (accompanied by Prince Charles), Dan Barry, Lance Anoa’i, “The One-Man Militia” Matthew Justice (accompanied by Marti Belle), King Mega, Dr. Porter, Dirty Moore, Dirty JT, and Jethro.
Before the match kicked off, there was a strange appearance by a wrestler donning an alien mask. One could only assume, based on his trunks, that it was none other than one half of the NYWC Tag Team Champions “#1” John Silver. “Harlem Shake” blared through the PA system, and all the superstars began to dance wildly. The crowd laughed and cheered as the NYWC served up their rendition of this viral video sensation. The music stopped, and the dancing alien exited the ring. The competitors stopped dancing, looked at each other, and the battle began.
As is to be expected in any battle royal, especially one where all the combatants start the match at the same time, this was complete and utter chaos. One by one, the participants’ championship hopes were dashed as they were tossed over the top rope and down to the floor. The final four competitors in the match were Dr. Porter, King Mega, Matthew Justice, and Jesse Vane. Out of those four, Dr. Porter was the first man eliminated. It boiled down to a former NYWC Heavyweight Champion in King Mega, the opportunistic and dangerous Matthew Justice, and the hungry young upstart Jesse Vane. The crowd was firmly behind Vane, but the odds certainly weren’t in his favor. He and Justice decided to work together to try and eliminate the monstrous Mega, but the former champion used his size to hold his own against both men. He was able to knock Justice to the mat, and then shoved Vane forcefully across the ring. After being shoved away, Vane got to his feet and went right back on the attack, but got hit with a thunderous chokeslam. Mega shifted his focus to “The One-Man Militia”, but Justice’s girlfriend Marti Belle decided to get involved. She came into the ring and got in Mega’s face. The two jaw-jacked for a moment, but then a fed up Mega grabbed her by the throat. The crowd erupted into cheers. The distraction allowed Justice to come up from behind, drive Mega towards the ropes, and lift him up over and out onto the floor with Marti’s help. Just like that, we were down to the final two. Jesse Vane had just made it to his feet after the vicious chokeslam from King Mega. Justice went after Vane, who ducked under the clothesline attempt. Justice charged after Vane again, who was leaning up against the ropes, but the rookie was able to muster up the strength to back body drop Justice all the way to the outside to win the match!
WINNER: Jesse Vane
“Big Game” Smith James & Bill Carr vs. DJ Phat Pat & Francis Kipland Stevens vs. ‘Reckless and Wasted’ JT Kasin & Bryce Young
The tag division has been heating up in a major way in the NYWC, and this match is clear evidence of that. These three teams collided with one goal in mind; to become the top contenders to the NYWC Tag Team Championship. Smith James and Bill Carr have been on a bona fide rampage. Francis and Phat Pat have been on a mission to prove that they’re next in line for a title shot after coming up just short in a three-way championship match won by the current champions Reynolds and Silver. JT Kasin and his new partner Bryce Young were out to prove that they would be the best incarnation of Reckless and Wasted yet. Despite James and Carr’s streak of sadistic attacks, neither of their opposing teams showed any signs of being intimidated. This was a close match, but in the end James and Carr were able to divide and conquer; bringing themselves one step closer to fulfilling their prophecy.
WINNERS: “Big Game” Smith James & Bill Carr
The Psycho Circus has been known for debuts and returns, and this night was no different as we saw the return of “Flawless” Blake Morris. He made his way out to the ring seemingly in a jovial mood. After entering the ring, he approached a hesitant Larry Legend and motioned for an embrace, which Larry accepted. Legend handed Morris the microphone, and the returning NYWC superstar addressed the crowd. He began to explain why he had been out of the NYWC for the past two years, but the crowd wouldn’t let him get a word in. Morris continued to speak, but you could sense the frustration beginning to build as the crowd continued to heckle him. Then, suddenly, Morris snapped. He began to yell and talk down to the crowd, and claimed that none of them had been through as much as he has over the past few years. In the middle of his angry rant, Braydon Knight made his way out to the ring. He welcomed Morris back to the NYWC, and informed the fans that his first match was against the flawless one. He went onto say that while Morris was off “chasing the dragon,” he was working hard to make a name for himself. Morris, who was visibly enraged by Knight’s jab, slapped him across the face. An intense fight broke out between the two, but after a few moments referees and management came out to break it up and pull them apart. Clearly, neither man had any intention of backing down. Knight broke away from the officials holding him back and leaped over those holding Morris back. They split them apart again, but this time it was Morris who broke away and jumped onto Knight. Eventually, order was restored and both men were escorted to the back separately. One can only assume that this issue is far from over between these two men.
Rick Cataldo (c) vs. Nikki Addams vs. Marti Belle
The Starlet Champion claims to be “The Baddest Bitch in the Game,” so it’s not surprising that her opponents put a little extra sting behind every attack. In this case, Cataldo was in the ring with two fierce rivals in Nikki Addams and Marti Belle. These three went all out, and punished each other relentlessly in their efforts to leave the NYWC Sportatorium with the Starlet Championship. In the final moments of the match, Nikki climbed to the top rope, but Cataldo was able to make her lose her footing, land straddling the top rope, and then hang her down into a tree of woe. As Marti was getting to her feet, Rick told her that he had an idea. Marti began to charge at Nikki while she was still hanging in the corner, but she ran right into a brutal kick from the champion. Cataldo covered her, and got the victory.
WINNER: Rick Cataldo
The Beaver Boys “Yours Truly” Alex Reynolds & “#1” John Silver (c) vs. “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor & Jigsaw
Reynolds and Silver have proven to be as effective as they are off-color, but they knew full well that they had a tough task on their hands as they stepped into the ring with two well-versed and traveled competitors. At first, The Beaver Boys attempted to play mind games to get an advantage over their opponents, which made for some hilarious opening minutes of the match. No matter what Taylor and Jigsaw did, the champions had an unorthodox and, in some cases, humiliating answer for it. Eventually, the challengers were able to turn the tables and unleash their frustration with the champions’ crude antics. What started as a sophomoric game of one-upmanship quickly evolved into an intense battle and a jaw-dropping display of athleticism from both teams. The crowd was taken on a roller coaster in this match, but the final drop of this ride came when Chuck Taylor was taken out of the equation and The Beaver Boys hit their patented double team finisher on Jigsaw for the win.
WINNERS: ‘The Beaver Boys’ Alex Reynolds & John Silver
After the match, NYWC Commissioner Brian Vitko made his way out to the ringside area. Reynolds and Silver looked confused as to why he was out there. Vitko welcomed everyone to Psycho Circus, and took every opportunity to remind us all that he was the man responsible for this show. He then proceeded to address the Tag Team Champions. He congratulated them and thanked them for a great match, but then informed them that they were going to have another match. He called for Smith James and Bill Carr to come out to the ring, and said that The Beaver Boys would be putting their titles on the line against the new number one contenders right then and there!
The Beaver Boys “Yours Truly” Alex Reynolds & “#1” John Silver (c) vs. “Big Game” Smith James & Bill Carr
James and Carr quickly sent Reynolds crashing to the outside of the ring and isolated Silver. They proceeded to unleash a brutal beat down on Silver. Just when Reynolds was about to make his way back into the ring to help his partner, he was knocked off the apron and out to the floor. That momentary distraction allowed Silver to regain his composure and attempt to fight back. He began to gain momentum, and even managed to German suplex Bill Carr; a man nearly twice his size. Smith James quickly recovered the advantage. After an intense battle against Chuck Taylor and Jigsaw, Silver was just too worn out to keep fighting off the destructive mean streak of James and Carr. Smith James was able to lift Silver up and slam him down to the mat with a vicious sit-out side slam for the victory.
“The Premiere Athlete” Tony Nese (c) vs. Trent?
In one of the most anticipated bouts of the night, Nese was set to defend his Fusion Championship against his former NYWC tag team partner. Since Trent? was signed to the WWE back in 2008, these men’s careers have taken them down very different roads. Luckily for the fans in attendance, their roads crossed at the biggest show of the year. It was clear that both men had a lot of respect for each other’s in-ring ability. There was a noticeable feeling out process as they both attempted to gain the advantage, but instead continued to match one another. As time went on, the technically sound strategy of both combatants was traded for more striking and high-risk offense. As the pace continued to quicken, the audible shock and awe of the crowd became more intense. These two were putting it all on the line to be the NYWC Fusion Champion. The crowd was also split 50/50 in their cheers. Eventually, it was clear that both men were wondering what else they would have to do to secure a victory. It all came down to one slip up on Trent?’s part, and Nese took advantage with a brutal jumping knee strike in the corner. He followed that up by dragging Trent? out from the corner, climbing to the top rope, and hitting a perfectly placed 450 Splash for the victory.
WINNER: “The Premiere” Athlete” Tony Nese
After the match, the crowd gave both men a huge ovation. Trent? got up to his feet, and Nese extended his hand to his friend and former partner. Trent shook his hand without hesitation, the two embraced, and the crowd continued to express their appreciation for this incredible match.
“No Fear” Mike Mondo vs. “The Greek God” Dimitrios Papadon vs. Jerry Lynn
Three of the top talents professional wrestling has to offer were set to do battle in what promised to be a three-way match for the ages. The returning Mike Mondo, the soon to be retired legend Jerry Lynn, and the man who prides himself on being the greatest unsigned talent today all went into this match with something to prove; it was all about pride and the spirit of competition. All three men took turns gaining and regaining the advantage. This was a fast-paced, hard-hitting match that forced all three competitors to think on their feet. In the final moments, it looked as though Lynn was about to secure a victory. He hit the cradle piledriver on Mondo and went for the pin, but Papadon was able to break it up before the three count. He grabbed Lynn, lifted him up in position for a vertical suplex, and dropped him on his head with a brutal brainbuster for the victory.
WINNER: “The Greek God” Papadon
After the match, when all three men got to their feet, Papadon got on the mic and paid tribute to Jerry Lynn. He said that he’s heard Lynn say that he’s washed up and can’t go anymore, but that he doesn’t believe that for a second. The crowd began to chant “You still got it” at Lynn. Papadon commented on that, saying that there’s no way every fan in attendance could be wrong. He continued to praise Lynn for not only being one of the greatest and toughest talents in the history of professional wrestling, but also for being a class act. He thanked Jerry for the honor of sharing the ring with him, as well as all he’s done for the wrestling business.
The lights went out and a video tribute played on the big screen. The NYWC locker room emptied out into the ringside area to pay tribute to the retiring legend. Lynn took the microphone, and delivered an emotional speech about how much he has loved living his dream for all these years. He thanked Papadon, Mondo, the NYWC, and the fans in attendance for giving him another great memory. He continued to express how proud he is of all the young talent in the wrestling business, and said that he feels like a proud parent. He said that while he appreciates all the kind words from the people who don’t want him to retire, he knows that he’s ready to walk away. The crowd continued to chant “Thank you Jerry” as the tribute came to an end.
Team Apollyon (Apollyon (c), Dickie Rodz, Rex Lawless, and Ryan Rush) vs. Team Big O (The Big O, Stockade, Mikey Whipwreck, and Alvin Alvarez)
After months of twists, turns, beat downs, and betrayals, it was finally time to find out which side would emerge victorious. The Psycho Circus Match has always served as the ultimate battlegrounds; the place where rivalries are settled and careers are either made or broken. One thing is certain, the careers of those who enter this match are shortened. This year, the Psycho Circus Match held the future of the New York Wrestling Connection in its menacing clutches. The Big O was the man chosen to cut the head off the snake known as The Order of the Black, and the only way to do that would be to win the NYWC World Heavyweight Championship.
The match started with the Order of the Black’s “Desolate One” Rex Lawless going up against “The Devil’s Outlaw” Stockade. The brutality began immediately as they brawled all around the outside of the ring. Once they got into the ring, Stockade was able to gain the advantage. In one of the most barbaric acts ever witnessed in the NYWC, Stockade drove a fist full of skewers right into the top of Lawless’s skull. As he let go, the fans gasped in shock as they remained stuck in his head. Lawless screamed in pain as blood began to trickle down his forehead. Stockade continued to pummel his opponent, but the clock began to tick down as another member of the Order was about to enter the match.
The clocked ticked down, and Ryan Rush made his way out. The Order of the Black now had the advantage as Stockade was outnumbered two to one. Rush came out with a chair and nailed Stockade, and then hit a series of vicious kicks to his head. Lawless recovered and joined Rush in attacking Stockade.
The next man out was Alvin Alvarez, who went right after his arch rival Ryan Rush. Alvarez used the chair on both Rex and Rush. He then placed a chair across Rex’s face and leg dropped it. Stockade and Rush began to battle on the outside of the ring, but eventually came back in where Rush was overwhelmed by the two member of Team O. As Rush was seated in the corner, Alvarez broke out a bowling pin and placed it in front of Rush’s crotch. He dug into a duffle bag and took out a bowling ball. The crowd cheered, and Alvarez bowled the ball right into the pin! Stockade went into the bag and took out a second bowling ball, and followed suit.
Dickie Rodz made his way out and immediately attacked Stockade. He hit the Pocket Rocket on “The Devil’s Outlaw,” which was immediately followed by Lawless launching himself into the ring with a rolling senton. Alvarez was left in the ring to fend for himself against three members of the Order. Lawless sidewalk slammed him onto a steel chair, and they all continued to do damage to the Psycho Circus first-timer.
Mikey Whipwreck was the next man out. He threw numerous trash cans filled with weapons into the ring, and then tossed an entire bucket of ice in as well. The entire canvas was coated with ice and water. He came in and wreaked havoc as Stockade also made his way back into the fold. Stockade put a trash can over Rex’s head and beat it relentlessly with a kendo stick. Mikey placed a big wooden board over Dickie in the corner, knocked on it, and when Dickie moved the board aside he got the green mist right to the face.
Apollyon came out, nailed Stockade over the head with a keyboard, and continued to clean house as his team took the advantage. The crowd began chanting for The Big O, who would be the last man out; allowing pinfalls to begin. The mayhem continued as all four members of the Order of the Black were in the ring beating down Team Big O.
Finally, the leader of Team Big O made his way out to the ring with a dumbbell in hand. He gave all four members of Team Apollyon shots to the gut. Eventually the numbers caught up with him as Apollyon was able to take him down. Mikey Whipwreck reentered the mix and hit a Whippersnapper on Ryan Rush for the pin. Rush was eliminated.
The next man to be eliminated was Alvin Alvarez as Apollyon hit a brutal spinning sidewalk slam. Rex and The Big O battled on the outside, Stockade and Apollyon were going at it in the ring, and Rodz and Whipwreck were fighting on the apron where a table was set up across the ring and the guardrail. They both crashed through the table and were eliminated from the match. Stockade and Rex, the two men who started this match, battled inside the ring. A large section of a steel cage was brought into the ring and laid across four chairs by Stockade. He attempted to powerbomb Lawless onto it, but the move was blocked. The two battled their way over to the corner. Stockade tried to climb up to the top rope, but got crotched by Lawless and thrown from the top onto the steel cage. Lawless covered Stockade and eliminated him from the match.
It was down to Apollyon, Rex Lawless, and The Big O. Two members of Team Apollyon against the sole survivor and captain of Team Big O. Apollyon and Rex did a number on O, and laid him across a table, but he was able to fight them off and create some distance. He managed to get Rex alone, and then suplex him onto a ladder. He covered Rex and got the three count. It was down to just the two captains! They beat the hell out of each other. O was able to hit a big powerbomb on Apollyon, who was on his way up a ladder. He pinned him, but Apollyon kicked out at two. The champion got back to his feet, and The Big O hit a big spinebuster THROUGH A TABLE. He pinned, and GOT THE THREE COUNT.
The crowd erupted for The Big O’s victory. O jumped out of the ring and went to celebrate with the fans. He hugged his family in the crowd. He got back into the ring and the fans started chanting “SPEECH,” but just as he was about to speak the rest of the Order of the Black jumped him and spoiled the celebration. They began to beat the living hell out of the new NYWC Heavyweight Champion, but Tony Nese came out to make the save. He cleared the ring with a chair in hand. He congratulated The Big O, and O held the title proudly above his head. As O turned toward Nese with the title head overhead, Nese blasted him over the head with the steel chair! The Fusion Champion Tony Nese leveled the new Heavyweight Champion The Big O!
Nese grabbed a microphone, and blamed all of the fans for what just happened. He said that he’s the one who built the NYWC, and that Trent? didn’t do anything to earn a shot at the Fusion Championship. He also mocked The Big O’s ties with Zack Ryder, claiming that that’s the only reason he’s in the position he’s in now. He closed the show by saying, “Screw Trent, screw The Big O, and most of all…&$#@ all of you!”
Be sure to find out what the NEW NYWC Heavyweight Champion The Big O has in store for Tony Nese, and MUCH MORE, at NYWC Aftermath on March 30th!

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