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F.W.E. (Family Wrestling Entertainment) will be making our return to Brooklyn, NY live on October 5th, 2012 at St. Patrick's Gym (9511 4th Avenue & 97th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.) with "Back 2 Brooklyn."

In addition to returning to the venue where it all began, FWE will be making it's debut on iPPV! So don't be shut out! If you do not live in the New York area, join us live on iPPV (www.wwnlive.com)

I know we say this all the time, but we keep topping ourselves in order to bring YOU our great fans, the very best! This card is stacked from top to bottom!

Main Event:

FWE Heavyweight Title Match:

"The Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer vs "The Man Beast" Rhino

After making history at FWE X, Dreamer became the first man to hold both the ECW World Heavyweight Title and now the FWE Championship. Winning the title in a 4 Way Dance against Jay Lethal, Brian Kendrick & Carlito, he was able to win the big one once again. In the life of Dreamer, there wasn't much time to celebrate. Less than 24 hours after the win, FWE Owner Jordan Schneider received a call demanding the first shot. That man was Rhino! The former ECW & NWA World Champion will be making his debut for FWE and in a Main Event spot no less. Will Dreamer be able to retain the title or will the surprise of Rhino be too much for Dreamer to overcome?

Unsanctioned Street Fight:

Damien Darling "FWE Tri-Borough Champion" (With Rick Silver) vs Johnny Knockout

To say this feud is personal is an understatement. These men have a hatred for each other that goes past FWE. However, as we have seen, it started here when Darling defeated JKO in the FWE Tri-Borough Tournament finals at "Haastility" to win the title for the first time. He won it under questionable circumstances. JKO was scheduled to have a rematch at "No Limits" but was let go from the company. At "The Big Kabosh", after Darling soundly defeated Wes Draven, a masked man emerged from the crowd and pummeled Darling, revealing himself to be JKO. He attempted to interrupted another event when after Darling defeated Harry Smith, JKO tried to stop the post match celebration but this time was beaten down and met with handcuffs and was arrested promptly. JKO was ordered by Jordan Schneider to attend FWE X and make a public apology to himself, the FWE fans & Damien Darling. As he did this, Darling took the opportunity to get one more last shot in on him and blasted him with a microphone. Later on, while Darling was facing Azriel, JKO came out once more and attempted to cost him the title but shenanigans once again saved the title. Immediatly following, Darling told Jordan that he wanted JKO or he'd quit.Holding FWE at hostage, there was no choice and the match was made. Will St. Patrick's Gym be able to contain the anger these two men have?

Special Challenge:

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) vs Maria Kanellis (FWE Women's Champion) & Katie "Winter" Lea

Starting off the second half of "FWE X" was the announcement that a challenge was being issued to team FWE. Angelina Love & Velvet Sky had contacted the FWE Board of Directors and requested to face Team FWE. Now, the question still remains the reason for the challenge. Is there an issue with FWE? Do they want in to prove they are the most dominant females in the business? Well, right after "FWE X", after Maria regained the Women's Title from Winter, she accepted the challenge and wanted to be on Team FWE. A few weeks later, Winter picked up the phone and offered to be on Team FWE as well. Another question will be if Maria & Winter can co exist. These women do not like each other. Winter "stole" the belt from Maria back at "Welcome To The Rumble" while Maria "stole" it back at "FWE X" with the unsolicited help of Mike Bennett. What will this match mean for the Women's Division?

Crowning of First FWE Tag Team Champions:

At "Back 2 Brooklyn," we will crown the first ever FWE Tag Team Champions. The teams that remain in the tournament are: All Money Is Legal (Cooley K & Ka$h Dam Emcee), Diamond Inc., (Jason Gotti & Joey Ace with Lady Diamond Dee), Adrenaline Express (EJ Risk & VSK) and Daivari & Sonjay Dutt. Any of these teams can win this. You have AMIL who made a huge debut when they defeated the favorites in the tournament, The Midnight Sensation, to advance. Diamond Inc., has been with the company since day one, even aligning with former FWE Champion Charlie Haas. Adrenaline Express have broken out since becoming a team and has become the most popular team in the company. Daivari & Dutt are world traveled competitors who have been in WWE & TNA. There is no way of predicting who will win this, but one thing is for sure, this will be one of the most replayed and talked about tournaments for years to come.

Grudge Match:

Malta The Damager vs Big Daddy V

The first time these two men squared off against each other was at "No Limits" in a Table Match when Big Daddy V Samoan dropped Malta through a table, injuring him. BDV wasn't done there and after beating another beast in Xander Page at "The Big Kabosh", he insulted Malta and his family who was watching the show from the crowd. When Malta came in to confront BDV, he attacked Malta right in front of his son. Malta wants revenge, even at the risk of another injury. Will Malta achieve his goal and avenge his family or will BDV end Malta's career once and for all?

Dream 6 Man Tag:

Jay Lethal, Brian Kendrick & Paul London vs "Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams & The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

In what is loooking to be a show stealer, 6 of the greatest high flyers will be in action, in one match! Jay Lethal is the former FWE Heavyweight Champion. A rematch must be down the line, but before that, he will be teaming with FWE standout Brian Kendrick and Paul London. London lost his debut match at "Dysfunctional Family" to Petey Williams in what was a widely talked about match. Petey hit is insane Canadian Destroyer to pick up the win. Making their debut in FWE will be The Young Bucks. A force to be reckoned with in any promotion they have competed for, they will bring their high intensity to FWE. This will be complete chaos!

Colt Cabana vs "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett

Two men who are climbing the ranks here in FWE, Cold Cabana has been undefeated since his debut at "Dysfunctional Family" when he defeated Matt Taven. He scored yet another impressive win over Rick Reyes at "FWE X." Mike Bennett, while not scoring the wins Cabana has, he has let it know that he does what he wants, when he wants. Initially scoring at huge victory at "No Limits" over Wes Draven, Jorge Santi & Taven, he lost to Brian Kendrick at "Welcome To The Rumble. After that, he was chosen by Bandido Jr. to be his tag team partner in the FWE Tag Team Title tournament when Azriel was injured. Bennett walked off during the match, not wanting any part of it. At "FWE X," he lost to Harry Smith, but injured his leg in the process and beating him down after the match. He also cost Winter the FWE Women's Title. What will Bennett have in store, win or lose, for Cabana? Will Cabana continue his undefeated streak?

Chris Mordetzky fka as Chris Masters will be on hand to issue an open Masterlock challenge to any FWE Superstar! Who will answer the challenge and make a name for themselves?

Maryse will be appearing for autographs, photo ops and doing color commentary!!!

All this and more will be taking place at "Back 2 Brooklyn." Join us live or on iPPV!

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