• 12/27/2012 (2:28:10 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

NEW YORK, NY.,December 26th, 2012 – F.W.E. (Family Wrestling Entertainment) returns to action on February 16th, 2013 when we head back to St. Patrick's Gym in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY. If you haven't caught any of our shows yet, we are providing you with a fantastic opportunity! Right before our next live iPPV, "No Limits '13", we will be presenting a FREE Pre Show on iPPV! Once you like what you see you can order the iPPV which will be a fantastic night of action! Here is what you will see on the free show:

Gauntlet Match: Winning Team will challenge for the FWE Tag Team Championship on the iPPV and face Adrenaline Express (EJ Risk & VSK.)

The teams involved will be:

Diamond Inc. ("Il Capo" Jason Gotti & "The Five Starr Studd" Joey Ace along with the Lady Diamond Dee.) - Diamond Inc., are one of the few members of the roster who have been in FWE since our debut show. Anointed early by an association with Charlie Haas, these two men made it into the final four of the FWE Tag Team Tournament and almost beat Sonjay Dutt & Daivari. Previous wins over The A List, Jorge Santi & Hawaii Allen, Diamond Inc., is one huge win away from FWE stardom! A highlight of their career has to be one of the most memorable brawls in company history when they tangled with Michael "The Voice" Schiavello and company owner Jordan Schneieder.

Azriel & Bandido - This decorated tag team never received their fair shot at becoming the first FWE Tag Team Champions. They were slated to face Sonjay Dutt & Daivari at Dysfunctional Family, but an injury took Azriel out. Bandido Jr., scrambled and chose Mike Bennett as a replacement, however he had no desire to be a Tag Team Champion or team with Bandido Jr., and left him out to dry. Making their debut as a surprise at Haastility, they narrowly defeated Adrenaline Express but interference from Sam Shields stopped that. This odds on favorites team had one of their best matches at "No Limits '12" against The Midnight Sensations.

The Midnight Sensations (Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields) - Another rarity as these two men have been with FWE since it's inception. The Time Traveling Karate Aliens were undefeated here for 14 months. They have had wins over Team Tag, The Funky Fresh Boys, Adrenaline Express, Azriel & Bandido Jr., among others. These two men were the odds on favorite to be the first Tag Team Champiosn before suffering their first defeat. Since then, they have been more aggressive and have been taking no prisoners, even attacking AE before the tournament finals. This is their chance to shine and take what they believe to be rightfully theirs.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) - Making their FWE debut at "Back 2 Brooklyn" they made waves immediately and took part in what is possibly the greatest match in FWE history teaming with Petey Williams against Jay Lethal, Brian Kendrick and Paul London. This team that have been in TNA and ROH will make their debut as a tag team here. A strong argument can be made that these two men will be the automatic favorites to face Adrenaline Express later in the night.

Da House Party (Cooley K & Ka$h Da Emcee) - The first team to beat The Midnight Sensations, Da House Party were one of the final four teams in the FWE Tag Team Title tournament. They took Adrenaline Express to the limit before being handed a loss at "Back 2 Brooklyn." They made quite the debut defeating The Midnight Sensations and have tangling with some of the best FWE has to offer and quickly have become a favorite of FWE faithful. Don't let their youth fool you as these men have been around for quite a while and have traveled the globe. Will this be their time to shine?

#1 Contenders Match: Winner will challenge for the FWE Tri Borough Championship on the iPPV and face Damien Darling

Brian Kendrick vs Paul London

Tag Team partners collide to attempt to become FWE Tri Borough Champion. These two men helped tear down the house at "Back 2 Brooklyn" in the Dream 6 Man Tag Team Match. These former multiple time World Tag Team Champions will put on a show stopper to grab an opportunity to try and take the Tri Borough Title from the man who has had a strangle hold on the belt since it's inception, Damien Darling. Brian Kendrick has been close to becoming FWE Heavyweight Champion with a strong showing against Tommy Dreamer at The Big Kabosh and being the last man in a Fatal 4 Way at "FWE: X" when Dreamer became Champion. Paul London has been a favorite since debuting in FWE almost beating Petey Williams at Dysfunctional Family and being a huge part of the aforementioned Dream 6 Man Tag. Get the instant replay ready for this!

...First we had a special edition of The Voice Versus, then we had The PANic Room, now, on the free pre show, FWE will present a special edition of Carlito's Cabana! The current FWE Heavyweight Champion Carlito Colon will be talking with one of the challengers for the title, making his FWE debut, Matt Hardy! What will happen with oppenents are in the same ring just hours before they face each other along with Tommy Dreamer in a TLC Match? Looking at previous interview segments, expect fireworks!

You can watch this at www.wwnlive.com at 7pm on 2/16/13!

Tickets are still available at www.fwewrestling.com (St. Patrick's Gym, 9511 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY)

For more information on FWE:

Visit us at www.fwewrestling.com

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