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  • Bob Mulrenin

Special Appearances by LITA and ROSITA who will be signing from 5 PM to 7 PM….

NEW YORK, NY., April 17, 2012 – F.W.E. (Family Wrestling Entertainment) presents “THE BIG KABOSH.” It will take place live on April 28th, 2012 as we return to 3LD Studios (located on 80 Greenwich Street, New York, NY.)

After a game changing "WELCOME TO THE RUMBLE", F.W.E. returns with possibly it's biggest women's match to date!

Main Event:
F.W.E. Women's Championship Match:
Winter v.s. Melina
Special Guest Referee: Lita!
At WELCOME TO THE RUMBLE, Winter ended Maria Kanellis' reign as F.W.E. Women's Champion when she defeated both Maria & Rosita in a Triple Threat Match to add the prestigious F.W.E. Women's Championship to her resume. In what was originally supposed to be a #1 Contenders Match, Melina, who makes her in ring debut for F.W.E., will get the first opportunity at the champion. Melina being a multiple time champion herself, would love to add this belt to her resume. You have the added x factor in traveled womens competitor Lita as the Special Guest Referee. Will Winter retain or will Melina become the new F.W.E. Women's Champion? Will Lita get involved in any fashion?

Triple Threat Match:
Brian Kendrick v.s. "The Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer v.s. Robbie E.
After Jay Lethal shocked the world by not only winning the F.W.E. Rumble last month AND challenging Eric Young for the Heavyweight Title on the same night and becoming champion, he now has a target on his back. Brian Kendrick made his F.W.E. debut at WELCOME TO THE RUMBLE and scored a huge victory over Mike Bennett. Tommy Dreamer has been on a roll here and has the hometown advantage as the F.W.E. faithful has adapted him as their own. Dreamer scored a huge victory over Charlie Haas at NO LIMITS in what turned into an impromptu No DQ match! Robbie E is an F.W.E. mainstay who the last time we saw him, cheated a victory out of Tommy Dreamer. All 3 of these men need this win as this could possibly skyrocket them to a future Heavyweight Title shot against Jay Lethal. Three combustible elements in this match as you have the high flyer in Kendrick, the skilled brawler in Dreamer and the underhanded Robbie E.

F.W.E. Tri-Borough Championship Match:
Damien Darling (With Rick Silver) v.s. Wes Draven
"I came, I saw, I conquered and I looked good doing it." That's a direct quote from Damien Darling after defeating Jay Lethal at WELCOME TO THE RUMBLE to become the first 2x time champion in F.W.E. However, as always with Damien, he has his entourage of Rick Silver & A.J. Pan who have helped him score major victories. In this case, we saw TWO Damiens! Wes Draven comes into this match with a lot of momentum as he defeated Sonjay Dutt at WELCOME TO THE RUMBLE. The F.W.E. Board Of Directors took notice and gave Wes this shot. Will Draven be able to overcome whatever trick Darling may have up his sleeve or will Darling be one of the first to retain their belts here in F.W.E?

Battle Of The Monsters:
Big Daddy V v.s. Xander Page
This will be a sight to see! Big Daddy V made his F.W.E. debut at NO LIMITS, putting Malta The Damager through a table. He proved on that night he will be a dominant force in F.W.E. Xander Page in his debut against Malta back at FALLOUT took him to the limit and was almost the first man to defeat Malta. At WELCOME TO THE RUMBLE, Page proved he is a force to be reckoned with as he tossed out a number of stars.Page had this to say about his match against BDV, "Saturday the 28th, I get to step into the ring with one of the biggest and meanest men in professional wrestling. Big Daddy V may be used to pushing people around, but at THE BIG KABOSH, we'll see who pushes who around."

The Patriot v.s. Sam Shields
Two men who have been a part of F.W.E. since it's inception back in January 2011. The Patriot scored a huge victory back at HAASTILITY when he defeated Malta The Damager and handed him his first defeat. Shields who is one half of The Midnight Sensations, suffered his first loss with Chris Rockwell as they were eliminated from the F.W.E. Tag Team Title Tournament when they were defeated by All Money Is Legal. Is Shields attempting a singles run? Where does Rockwell fit into this? This match will see the U.S.A. against the Tryton Moon.

Azriel v.s. Matt Taven (With Kasey Ray)
Azriel is a true F.W.E. veteran being here since RETRIBUTION back in January of '11. Lately he has been teaming with Bandido Jr. but lately have been showing signs of wanting to go back to a singles career. Although there are still some spots left in the F.W.E. Tag Team Title tournament which they are favorites in. Matt Taven made his F.W.E. debut at NO LIMITS in a losing effort during a Fatal Four Way, although he was not involved in the pinfall. This is a huge match for both men. Azriel had this to say about his match, "I hope Matt Taven has his working boots on, because I'm looking to get the W under my name."

Along with all of this: Lita & Melina will be doing a pre show signing.

Michael Schiavello, host of The Voice versus and the man who calls the action on F.W.E. DVD's will be making a special appearance as well as signing autographs!

There will be a special announcement by Malta The Damager. He was visibly absent from WELCOME TO THE RUMBLE. The last time we saw him, he was put through a table by Big Daddy V at NO LIMITS. What does Malta have to say?

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