• 06/24/2013 (12:13:29 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin


Funkdafied Wrestling Federation concluded a double-show weekend with a return to 
Stirling, NJ's Long Hill Township Community Center on Saturday night June 22nd. 

Before the show, the fans took pictures and signed autographs with former WWE 
legend and "The Greatest Intercontinental Champion Of All Time" The Honky-Tonk 

ABC and FIOS-1 TV Anchor Wendy Gilette was introduced as the Guest Ring 

The opening contest was a triple-threat match between Kyle "The Beast" Winant, 
Kevin Krush, and Justin Cage. After a furious battle, Krush threw The Beast out 
of the ring, but then walked right into a superkick from Justin Cage who pinned 
him for the victory.

In the second match, FWF Tag-Team Champions The Two Rude Dudes ("Corrupted" 
Corey Havoc & "Rampage" Rogers) defended their titles against Jeff "Cannonball" 
Guerrero & Chris "Boom Boom" Powers. Powers survived several minutes of 
double-teaming by the Dudes before tagging in Cannonball, who used his power to 
clean house and flatten Rampage in the corner with a Cannonball Roll and nearly 
got a three-count. Havoc tossed Powers out of the ring and distracted the 
referee, while Rampage picked up the Dudes' megaphone and attempted to clock 
Cannonball with it. Cannonball ducked the shot and seized the microphone. 
Rampage then did the very dastardly trick of falling down to the mat like he had 

been hit with the megaphone. The referee turned around and saw Rampage laying on 

the mat and Cannonball holding the megaphone, and assumed that he had hit 
Rampage with it, and called for the bell, awarding the victory to the Dudes by 

In the third match, a Union grudge match, "Too Hot" Steve Scott took on Steve 
"The Gipper" Gipke. After battling inside and outside the ring, Gipke reversed 
Scott's back suplex attempt into a Tornado DDT and pinned him.

In the fourth match, FWF Heavyweight Champion The Atomic Dog took on "The 
Warrior" Jack Spade & "Stylin'" Brandon Kirk in a One-On-Two Handicap Match. 
Despite a determined double-teaming effort from Spade and Kirk, Dog took down 
Kirk with a face-first suplex, then overpowered Spade and pinned him with an 

As intermission began, former WWE legend The Honky Tonk Man returned to the 
venue, driving the original "General Lee" car (from "The Dukes Of Hazzard"), 
with a pair of "Daisy Duke Girls" Venym and Devyn. His return was spoiled by the 

appearance of pro wrestling's other tribute to Elvis, former ECW star Bilvis 
Wesley, who was scheduled to meet Honky-Tonk Man in the main event later that 
night. Wesley challeneged Honky-Tonk to have their match right now, but when he 
actually took off his jacket and jumped into the ring, Wesley retreated to the 
outside and left the ringside area.

During intermission, the fans posed for more pictures with The Honky Tonk Man 
and the Daisy Duke Girls, and the other stars of FWF.

The fifth match was a triple-threat no-holds-barred match for the FWF 
Cruiserweight Title, as current champion Fast Eddie took on former champions 
"Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie and "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm. After taking 
out Eddie with a steel chair early on, Smoothie brought a ladder into the match 
and repeatedly pummeled Fehrm onto it, but could not hold him down for the 
three-count. Towards the end, Eddie took down Fehrm with a Spaghetti Neckbreaker 

right onto the ladder. Eddie returned to the ring and pummeled Fehrm with the 
ladder some more, but still could not pin him. Smoothie pulled Eddie to the 
outside and smashed his head into the ring post and returned to the ring. 
Smoothie tried a moonsault on Fehrm from the top of the ladder, but Fehrm 
blocked it with his knees and superkicked Smoothie and pummeled him with the 
ladder, but could not pin him. Smoothie stopped Fehrm's momentum with a bulldog 
onto the ladder, but Eddie returned to the ring to stop Smoothie. The three 
battled on. Fehrm went for a Swanton on Eddie when he was laying on the ladder, 
but Eddie moved out of the way and Fehrm struck the ladder shoulder-first. Eddie 

took down Fehrm with a Spaghetti Neckbreaker onto the ladder. Smoothie tossed 
out Fehrm and lifted the weakened Eddie onto the turnbuckle for a superplex 
attempt, but Eddie reversed it into a Tornado DDT onto a steel chair, and pinned 

Smoothie to retain his title.

In the sixth match, the nearly 800-pound duo of Lucifer Darkside & Bladefellow 
took on "Retro Rocker" Rikki Roxx & Mel Sanchez. Despite a heroic effort by the 
much out-sized Roxx and Sanchez, Darkside & Bladefellow prevailed, as 
Bladefellow tossed Roxx out of the ring and Darkside hit an impressive moonsault 

from the top rope onto Sanchez, flattening him for an easy three-count.

In the Main Event, which was being called a "Sideburns Showdown", former ECW 
star Bilvis Wesley took on former WWE legend and "The Greatest Intercontinental 
Champion Of All Time" The Honky-Tonk Man, accompanied by Daisy Duke Girls Venym 
& Denym. (The first ever meeting between pro wrestling's two Elvis tributes.) 
Wesley jumped Honky-Tonk before the bell, trying to get the early advantage. The 

two battled inside and outside the ring. Wesley, frustrated that he could not 
take down Honky-Tonk, went after Venym who had been taunting him all night. 
Honky-Tonk took advantage of Wesley being distracted, and rolled him up from 
behind and got the three-count and victory.

After the match, Honky-Tonk celebrated with Venym and Denym, but as each one 
hugged him, it became apparent that each girl wanted the lion's share of 
Honky-Tonk's attention. This lead to some shoving between Denym and Venym, and 
the two ladies began brawling. FWF owner J.D. Smoothie and Commissioner Al 
LiCata called for security to break it up, and told the two ladies there would 
be no fighting tonight, but offered them a match at FWF's next show in Stirling 
in late October. The two ladies agreed, and the match was signed as the show 

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