• 07/04/2013 (12:52:56 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

There was a last minute booking of Goldust in my area. I totally lucked out because it landed on my day off from work. My friend Shannon and I went to Frank & Sons in City of Industry, CA, late Wednesday afternoon. The weather in Southern California has been pretty hot and humid for the last couple of weeks. LA traffic is horrible, and it was hot, but we finally got there.
We arrived a few hours before the event. I went to Will Call to pick up my tickets and to speak with the promotor Victor. He told me that Goldust was on his way.  Victor told me that if they had time he would let me do an interview with him. Goldust showed up and went into the office. Not too long after Victor called us over. We went inside the room and he introduced us to Dustin. Dustin was extremely nice. We chatted a bit, and he let us know he couldn't stand LA Traffic. We laughed, and were stuck in traffic for a while getting to the event ourselves.
Dustin asked me what we were going to do. I think he was ready to answer questions but what I really wanted to do was to shoot a wrestling promo with him. I've done this with tons of wrestlers in the past and doing it with Dustin would be awesome. I never prepare for these things. I totally ad-lib, and do it spontaneously. I was a bit nervous not knowing what to do, as always, but I flipped the switch and told Dustin lets do a promo where my tag partner got attacked by Demolition and I was bringing him in as my new partner to take them on.
We shot the video and he didn't miss a beat. He even broke up my real broken foot and made it part of the promo and I acted with it. It turned out great. Dustin asked me what I wanted to to signed. I told him I would wait to do it outside so he could put his Goldust face on. I took a photo with him as Dustin, thanked him, and walked out of the air conditioned room back into the hot den of a warehouse.
We got in line and chatted with friends. Time passed by fast and Goldust came out. I went up to the front to video record him coming out. I then got back in line. It was finally our turn. My friend Shannon got his pic signed, took his photo op, and had my camera to record me with Goldust signing my many promos. I should of had him sign the Black Reign promo first. The look on his face when I gave it to him last was priceless as he said, ah, man, why did you have to end on this one. I took a photo with him as Goldust, thanked him a few times, thanked Victor, and took off to CVS.
The computers at the photo lab at the CVS around the corner were not working so we drove about 20 minutes to the next one. We printed out our photo ops and hurried back. Wow! We lucked out and found a parking space right in front. We entered the building, and had Dustin sign our photo ops. As he looked at my photos he was amazed at how fast I had them printed, and the high quality of them. Dustin asked me where we printed them out and I let him know. He said it was on great paper stock. I let him know to use the 1 Hour Service due to it's  dye sublimation printer, and not an inkjet.
Dustin went to sign, and then paused, asking me my name again. I said, Todd, and he laughed, saying, that's right I just signed about thirty photos for you already. He then signed my friends photo op. We thanked Dustin & Victor again, and then left.
If you ever have the opportunity to meet Dustin Runnels you need to do so. He is great to his fans.
Todd Fulkerson     
Todd's Autograph Arena

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