• 06/17/2005 (12:00:00 am)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos

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HH Bootleg #5
Here is a look at the dramatic entrances to the No-Rope Barbwire match! In this video, you get to see the entrance of Sabu, Shane Douglas and Francince, and emotional entrance of Terry Funk and Tammy Sytch. Once they are all in the ring, you see the fans show their respect with the streamers!

HH Bootleg #6 - "Experience the emotion...again"
Here you see various clips from the unforgettable no-rope barbwire 3-way dance. This video is just a sample of why this match is being called the best match of this historic weekend.

Bootleg #7 - "Lights out... CACTUS JACK!"

In what was described as one of the most thunderous pops in the bingo hall's history, here you see the lights out surprise arrival of Mick Foley! Then get ready for barbwire socko!

HH #8 - "Autograph Session"
Here you see various clips of the stars of Hardcore Homecoming during the autograph session. Here you also get a look at the official Hardcore Homecoming event chairs. The Hardcore Homecoming Signature Series event chair featuring the authentic signatures of all six Hardcore Icons featured on the chair (Styles, Franchise, Sabu, Raven, Funk, and Sandman) is available now in the merchandise area of HardcoreHomecoming.com

Also check out videos 1 to 4 also in the Media section.

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Hardcore Homecoming has posted some bootleg videos that have surfaced from the event on HardcoreHomecoming.com. These videos are exclusive to the site, and were not shot by the camera crew putting together the DVD.

#1 – Kid Kash vs 2 Cold Scorpio
This video features highlights of the new school flyer vs old school flyer showdown between Kash and Scorpio. In this constant battle of can you top this, we see an exchange in the corner, as well as Kid Kash’s somersault flip dive from the stage to the floor of the arena!

#2 – Terry Funk says “Its time… to get WIRED!”
This is the now infamous announcement that shook the very foundation of the World’s Most Famous Bingo Hall! This video was shot just moments before the main event, and shows the ring crew taking down the ropes, and the crowd’s reaction when they realize what is really about to happen

#3 – The Franchise says “Cut the FN’ Music!”
Here you get to see Shane Douglas utter those famous words, plus footage of Francine’s crawl to the former champion and the fans reaction to seeing the Franchise

#4 – Funk gets cut out of the BARBWIRE
This one is not pretty. This bootleg video features Terry Funk getting his arm caught in the barbwire as he screams in pain to the referee to have him cut out of the wire.

More Hardcore Homecoming bootleg videos will be posted later in the week.
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First Set Of Hardcore Homecoming Show Photos Online
The first set of photos from Lee South have been added to the gallery. You can view these by clicking the relevant graphic on the pages.

Please keep checking back for new photos of the event over the coming days!

Results From Hardcore Homecoming
Thanks to everyone for making Hardcore Homecoming a very special evening!

Check back soon for complete results,photos and more!

1. Chris Chetti and Mikey Whipwreck d. CW Anderson and Simon Dimamond

2. Tracy Smothers d. Blue Meanie

3. 2 Cold Scorpio d. Kid Kash

4. Kronus and New Jack brawled with Ian and Axl Rotten. New Jack cut a promo afterwards.

5. Jerry Lynn d. Justin Credidble via the cradle piledriver.

6. Raven d. The Sandman

7. Sabu d. Terry Funk & Shane Douglas (w/Francine)

New Merchandise Available, Funk Writes Forward To Official Program, and More!
The Official Hardcore Homecoming Event Program is now for sale on the website! It features a forward written by Terry Funk, thanking fans for their support over the years, and how much this night means to him. The program is available in the merchandise secion of   www.HardcoreHomecoming.com 



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