• 10/21/2013 (8:40:55 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Chaz Warrington, known in the WWE as Headbanger Mosh, Beaver Cleavage, and also by his real name, joined the VOC Wrestling Nation to discuss his current projects, the demise of the Headbangers gimmick, and a potential WWE return.

You can hear the entire interview at http://vocnation.com; here are some highlights of what “Mosh” had to say:

On working with the Ring Warriors promotion in South Florida: “They’ve been running for a few years. Local stuff in South Florida and the Bahamas. The thing I love about it is you have old guys like myself, Steve Corino, New Jack, and Adam Pearce, and you have newer young guys as well. The production is unbelievable. Ringwarriors is kind of an old school concept; it’s not stars against stars. The idea is to build the young guys. Right now on YouTube we’re doing about 30,000 hits a week.”

On his current and future goals in wrestling: “I always imagined my career at 40 years old to be a backstage agent for the WWE. (Ringwarriors) gives me an opportunity to still be in the ring, and also do the backstage stuff and help the young guys.”

On the Beaver Cleavage gimmick: “Gerald Briscoe used to say that my original passport picture looked like Leave it to Beaver, so he always called me Beaver. Later on, Briscoe and the Vince Russo regime used that (inside joke) to come up with the gimmick. If they would have let the gimmick go like it was supposed to, I think it would have gotten over.”

On if the Headbangers were broken up too soon: “Glen had some issues when he came back from his knee injury. He was afraid that his knee wouldn’t hold up, so he didn’t work out as hard as he could have and was a little out of shape when he came back. When they put us back together, it just didn’t work out. It killed me that we weren’t part of the original TLC tag match at Wrestlemania. We were part of the gimmick battle royal instead.”

On a future return to the WWE: “Never say never if the opportunity is right. I recently tried to get booked on a WWE house show in Florida so my son could see me wrestle in the WWE. I reached out to them and told them I would do it for free, just so I could do it for my son. It didn’t work out, but at some point if the opportunity is right, I’d be blessed.”

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On this week's episode of MLW Radio, hosted by AAA booker Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent and available right
now on www.MLW.com, Konnan revealed what his sources in the WWE locker room have been telling him about CM
Punk and others.

Here's what Konnan had to say about Punk:

"I found out that AJ Lee is dating CM Punk. I don't know if that's public knowledge. I heard he's got a huge head.
To me it's like, you waited all this time to become a big star and all those guys that had a big head that you hated,
like Cena, and now you've got a big head? Bring your [stuff] back down to ground. I was told by my source in WWE
that Punk has a big head, that he's conceited."

Konnan also spoke about Michael Hayes having heat in the locker room:

"I was a huge Michael Hayes fan, Freebirds fan, when I was growing up, when I used to watch him in Atlanta. Every
time I've seen Michael, he's always been very cool with me backstage. But having said that, I will say this, he does
have a ton of heat with people. I do know a couple people that told me that if they got fired they would kick his ass
before they left the company. And I just found out today that he did get mega heat I guess for having drinks with
Rosa [Mendes]. So much so, that he might be replaced. Boom."

Konnan can be heard each and every week on MLW Radio and the new episode is available for free right now at
www.MLW.com and on iTunes (search: MLW Radio), along with episodes featuring Chris Jericho, The Ultimate
Warrior, Mick Foley, Billy Corgan, MVP, former WWE writers and many others. New episodes of MLW Radio are
released each and every Sunday night on MLW.com.


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