• 06/04/2005 (12:00:00 am)
  • Georgiann Makropoulos

We are going to be giving away a lot of wrestling tickets and more…..

Hi, my name is Georgiann Makropoulos and I have been a wrestling fan, it seems like forever. I'm very glad that Jon asked me to join WrestlingFigs.com and be a part of his family.

I had been at 1Wrestling.com for 8 years and became excited when Jon told me he planned on re-launching this site and asked me to be a part of it.

I have written for many wrestling magazines over the years, some of which were: Wrestling World, Big Book of Wrestling, Wrestling Revue, Wrestling Confidential and so on.

I also ran many wrestlers Fan Clubs throughout the years. My first one was for Chet Wallick, some of you I know, will not even remember him. Then came, Bill (Dromo) Zbyszko, Bob Orton, Sr., Buddy "Nature Boy" Rogers, Ken Patera and the Living Legend Bruno Sammartino. They were a lot of fun to run, and we had a great following from around the world.

Fifteen years ago I started my Wrestling Chatterbox Newsletter, which comes out once per month. Now that keeps me busy along with my internet hobbies and interests.

I'm looking forward to having some fun here. We plan on giving away lots of prizes, Wrestling tickets, figures and autographed photo's.  We want to get the site off with a BANG.

I put out the most comprehensive Wrestling Autograph Signing List on the Internet, I can proudly say.

We will need everyone's help to keep us informed on Upcoming shows, Results, News, Signings, etc. My email address is
[email protected] and the Contest address is: [email protected]

So don't be strangers, drop by and say hello.


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