• 10/12/2019 (12:02:02 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Good evening,

I’m working with Jessica Kresa (ODB) to help with her Indiegogo campaign, Help ODB Get Cookin’ again! at:  https://www.indiegogo. com/projects/help-odb-get- cookin-again#/ 
This Indiegogo was created because on September 7th, ODB’s food truck burned down. It was not only a major source of income for Jessica, but also a life long passion with cooking and meeting people. After sinking a fortune into her streamline, something caught fire late one night and the insurance company is only willing to recoup a small percentage of the total price. That’s why we’re turning to pro wrestling fans for a little bit of help.

Perks are available at every level for those willing to donate including a autograph photo, signed ODB hot sauce, a personalized video, t-shirts, special packages as well as once in a life time opportunities including ring worn gear and memorabilia for pro wrestling collectors.  Every donation counts!
Thank you for your consideration and helping us spread the word.
Bambi Weavil
Bambi Weavil
Founder, Masters Of Ring Entertainment, LLC
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