• 04/26/2012 (12:30:35 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Good evening,

I just got back from the Hulk Hogan signing at the Forked River House in NJ. The venue was nice, and it was a bit full when I got there. The VIP line (which I was in) moved quickly once the Hulkster arrived. He stood for photos and was nice to all that were there.
After that, the VIP's got back in line for autographs. It moved quickly, but the non VIP was definitely starting to build up. They allowed you to wait for your photo which they printed, and then get that signed too! Not a bad deal for the price.
The line was a bit crazy, with the amount of people in the place, but I thought it was handled ok. For their first attempt at a MAJOR wrestling icon, I thought they did a good job! I would definitely go back.

Jack (from NJ)

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