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Independent Wrestling Federation

IWF Teams with Nickelodeon TV for "The Ultimate Enemy Face-Off"
IWF Wrestlers Appear as "Danny Phantom" Ghosts September 12-16 on Nick

(West Paterson, NJ)- New Jersey's premiere sports-entertainment company, the Independent Wrestling Federation, is tag teaming with the highest rated network for kids, Nickelodeon, to present the Danny Phantom Ultimate Enemy Face-Off!

Danny Phantom, an animated series on Nickelodeon, is the story of an average kid who becomes half ghost after his parents' laboratory explodes, enabling him to use paranormal powers to fight evil ghouls and save the world.

To promote the upcoming Ultimate Enemy television movie, Nick viewers created real life ghost characters to battle it out in a series of live action face-off segments to air on Nickelodeon this Monday, September 12 through Friday, September 16 between 6 and 7 pm, and again on September 16 between 8 and 9 pm, direct from the Camp IWF Wrestling School in West Paterson, NJ.  

"I knew that Camp IWF would be the perfect setting to host the showdown," said Kev Kage, a Camp IWF graduate who works for Nickelodeon in New York City.  "Butch Hartman, creator of Danny Phantom and Fairly Odd Parents, will oversee the production to make sure the ghosts don't get out of line."

Along with Kage, IWF wrestlers Aaron Stride, Tony Torres, Shawn Donavan, BPA Barry and Justin Corino will participate in the showdown as the ghost characters.  

U-Pick Live's Garbagio and Pick Boy will provide the commentary.  For more information on the Danny Phantom Ultimate Enemy Showdown, watch Nickelodeon or visit
Camp IWF is recognized as the premiere wrestling school in the Northeast by various New York-area media outlets.  The Independent Wrestling Federation produces family-oriented live events throughout New Jersey, many of which serve as fundraisers for charitable organizations.  For IWF information visit www.WrestlingIWF.com.  
IWF "Rampage Revenge Tour" Live Event September 18 in Medford, NJ:
(Medford, NJ)- Independent Wrestling Federation live action hits the road again as the IWF presents the Rampage Revenge Tour at the Jersey Truck Fest on Sunday, September 18, 2:00 pm at Flying W Airport Resort, 60 Fostertown Road, Medford, NJ. 
The main event features a Fatal-Four-Way Match for the IWF Heavyweight Title as new champion Damian Adams squares off against former four-time champion Roman, Shawn Donavan and Travis Blake.  Can Adams defy the odds and retain the gold defending against three challengers, or will Roman claim the gold for a fifth time?

There will be a Texas Death Match for the IWF American Title as Kevin Knight challenges champion Outlaw Shane O'Brien.  This is a rematch from the August 18th Rampage event in which the roughneck O'Brien was victorious in questionable fashion over Knight.

The IWF Tag Team Titles are up for grabs as new champions Biggie Biggs and Aaron Stride defend against former champions Tony Torres and Antonio Rivera.  Torres and Rivera have exercised their return-match clause and look to regain the gold as Biggs and Stride make their first title defense.

In an IWF Junior Heavyweight Title Match, former two-time champion Dangerous Dan McGuire looks to regain the gold from current two-time champion Sean Royal.

Also appearing are BoneCrusher Fred Sampson, Robby Morrison, BPA Barry, Matt Bennett and more.  Admission to the wrestling event is free as part of the outdoor Jersey Truck Fest.  For IWF information visit

IWF "Fall Brawl Weekend" Live Events September 24 & 25 in West Paterson, NJ:
(West Paterson, NJ)- Live Independent Wrestling Federation action returns with Fall Brawl Weekend on Saturday, September 24, 7:30 pm and Sunday, September 25, 3:30 pm at IWF Centre, 32 Willow Way, West Paterson, NJ.
New IWF Heavyweight Champion Damian Adams and new IWF Tag Team Champions Biggie Biggs and Aaron Stride will be in action, along with all the IWF stars and Camp IWF Wrestling School standouts. 
Also to appear throughout the weekend are former four-time IWF Champion Roman, former two-time IWF Champion BoneCrusher Fred Sampson, IWF American Champion Outlaw Shane O'Brien, Kevin Knight, Travis Blake, Shawn Donavan, former IWF Tag Team Champions Tony Torres and Antonio Rivera, IWF Junior Champion Sean Royal, Dangerous Dan McGuire, Jana, Nick Sabre, Robby Morrison, Matt Bennett, BPA Barry, Commissioner Rich Ross, Bryan Harley, Jasin Karloff, Justin Corino, Francis Flores and more.  For IWF information visit www.WrestlingIWF.com.  

Damian Adams Wins IWF Title; Biggs & Stride Capture Tag Team Gold:
Crowning of New Champions Highlights "Desperate Measures Weekend"
(West Paterson, NJ)- A new IWF Heavyweight Champion and new IWF Tag Team Champions were crowned during the Independent Wrestling Federation's Desperate Measures Weekend live events held Saturday, August 27 and Sunday, August 28, 2005, at IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ.  Here's a complete recap of the festivities.

With previous IWF Heavyweight Champion Roman and top contender BoneCrusher Fred Sampson both injured as a result of their brutal title confrontation at Rampage on August 18th, Commissioner Rich Ross had no choice but to vacate the title and hold an IWF Heavyweight Title Tournament.
In qualifying matches on August 27th, partners Biggie Biggs and Aaron Stride wrestled to a no contest after interference by Tony Torres and Antonio Rivera, causing both men to be eliminated from the tournament.  Travis Blake defeated Kevin Knight after a distraction from Shawn Donavan to advance to the finals.  In the third qualifying match, Damian Adams pinned Shawn Donavan while overcoming the outside interference from Blake to advance to the finals on August 28th.
In other action on August 27th, IWF Tag Team Champions Tony Torres and Antonio Rivera of Latin Revolution with Shayla defeated Justin Corino and Francis Flores to retain the titles.  IWF Junior Heavyweight Champion Sean Royal beat Nick Sabre to retain the title.  And Dangerous Dan McGuire conquered Robby Morrison.

Desperate Measures Weekend day two on Sunday, August 28th saw the IWF Heavyweight Title Tournament final match as Damian Adams defeated Travis Blake to win the title for the first time, making Adams a Triple Crown Winner having captured the IWF Heavyweight, American and Tag Team Titles in his career.

In yet another title change, Biggie Biggs and Aaron Stride with Jana defeated IWF Tag Team Champions Tony Torres and Antonio Rivera with Shayla to win the titles.  Torres and Rivera held the gold for two months after beating Knight and McGuire on June 26, 2005.

IWF American Champion Outlaw Shane O'Brien defeated Kevin Knight, Dangerous Dan McGuire and Sean Royal in a Fatal-Four-Way Elimination Match to retain the title.  Royal eliminated McGuire, Knight eliminated Royal, then Knight was disqualified for using the Outlaw's bullrope.  The win extends O'Brien's five-month title reign.
In other action on August 28th, Shawn Donavan defeated Jana; while Robby Morrison and Jasin Karloff defeated Nick Sabre and Michael Durnin.


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