• 01/29/2013 (10:54:49 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

JR's Rumble Thoughts..Order JR's Today at WWEShop.com or American Soda in Manchester.

Post Rumble Thoughts....

Thought WWE's production values throughout the show were excellent. Top quality TV production especially the video piece on the Rumble match stats and the use of the female voice over talent.

Solid start to the show with @VivaDelRio and @WWETheBigShow. Last Man Standing bouts are hard to broadcast and challenging to execute for the talents. 

Thought Team Rhodes Scholars would win the WWE Tag Titles Sunday night but I was wrong. Still enjoying their maturation and the overall work of Team Hell No. Arguably, @WWEDanielBryan is the best all around wrestler in WWE  for my BBQ Sauce.

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J.R.s Las Vegas RAW Thoughts.."Psycho Viking"..Bo [email protected] JR's at WWEShop.com & @americansoda

RAW highlights for me while watching at home included:

@CMPunk opening the broadcast PO'ed and totally embracing and refining how to be a legit antagonist on a sports entertainment, TV program. 

Punk turning the tables on new, WWE Champion @TheRock while discussing the 'rematch' for the WWE Title at the Elimination Chamber was strategically spot on. Great psychology.

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