• 03/11/2008 (4:04:40 pm)
  • Chris Yandek


As first reported today by TMZ.com, Wrestling
superstar Jake The Snake Roberts is expected to leave
rehab at the end of the month and in his first
interview since rehab he tells Chris Yandek of
CYInterview.com about how difficult the process has
been saying, “It’s been very expensive. It’s been very
intense. It’s been a whole lot of damn hard work.
Truth be known the first time I went to rehab and the
second time I went to try to save a job. This time I
truly went to save my life.”

Jake goes on to further state what his time in rehab
really has been like, “I know there was a lot of anger
and pain I’ve had to work through. I’ve worked through
it with therapy. It’s been a learning process. I’ve
learned a lot about myself. I’ve learned a lot about
the drugs. I’ve learned a lot of stuff about the
affects of alcohol and drugs had on my system and my
thinking. To step out there fresh like this was a new
horizon standing in front of you it’s like ok what’s
over the next hill? I can’t wait to see it you know?”

Jake says anyone who has worked or is currently
working for WWE should take advantage of this
opportunity to get the need they need, “I urge anyone
who has worked for the WWE to take advantage of this
if you do have a problem and swallow your pride or
whatever you want to call it because it is bulls*** to
hold on to something like this that’s gonna wind up
killing you and hurting your family. It was just not
me that was suffering, it was my family, my friends,
and everybody around me.”

Finally, regarding all the WWE Hall of Fame Rumors,
Jake said the following, "“I have not heard any truth
to this at all. It makes me laugh. The times I use to
get pissed off by these things then I go on the
internet and for Christ sakes I’ve been dead four or
five times and gosh I am still here. It bothers me
sometimes a little bit more than others. This
especially because it’s a special time in my life,
need to clean, get right, and the doors are opening.
No I have not been contacted in any way by them about
anything that’s going on the net. "

You can find the interview at the following link and
read or listen to it:


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