• 10/08/2013 (1:37:59 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Thanks to Roland for this report & photos
Tonight I was fortunate enough to attend the Jesse Ventura "They Killed Our President" book signing at the Rutgers Barnes And Noble in The Gateway Transit Center. The Governor arrived right at 7 PM on the dot with his publicist and addressed the crowd of approximately 90 people who came to see him for about 50 minutes. It was a Q & A format and started out heavily about certain aspects of the book and myths surrounding the Kennedy assassination but then moved to more recent current events even a proposed speculative 2016 presidential campaign.
He denied the events purported to have occurred in the Kyle book and said that he would tell his side of the story and the truth would come out in court when that case is litigated. He posed for one photo and signed one additional item. He told the gentleman in line in front of me who had him sign a 1981 WWF program from Brendan Byrne Arena, "You better read the book and not just be here for that wrestling crap!" As I surveyed the crowd I would estimate they were equally split between wrestling fans and conspiracy theorists. The staff at B & N and his publicist were very helpful and friendly and I am glad I got to finally meet him.

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