• 03/25/2013 (4:20:52 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

I left with my pal Shannon and headed to The Los Angeles Convention Center. When I arrived I wheeled myself in, went up the elevator, and entered to get in line for the VIP section. I had arrived at Adultcon. This is a model/adult film star convention. As I was waiting in line I swore that I saw Joey Ryan walk in behind me. I could see the back of his head. He was with an adult film star. He showed a badge and security let them in. As I waited in line I updated my Facebook page that I swear I had just seen Joey Ryan. Everyone began posting I needed to get a photo with him. I have met Joey several times in the past and he has always been cool with me. I definately wanted a photo op with him at an Adult convention. The line took forever but I finally got my pass, freebies etc. The first thing I did was wheel around like a madman trying to find him. I thought, man, he was probably just stopping by to say hi to friends and left.


        About 40 minutes later I wheel around a corner and see him at a booth sitting behind Shay Fox & Alison Tyler texting on his phone. I looked again to make sure it was him. I called out, Joey. He looked around and saw me. He looked a little stunned. I asked him for a photo op. Joey looked shocked, and asked, with me? I said, yeah, man, I'm a fan. He got up and I asked for a photo with both Joey and Alison. They both were cool and I got a couple photos with him. I thanked him and wheeled off.


        Fast Forward a good seven hours of having a great time at the show my friend and I were going to leave when we saw Joey still there. I thought, hell, I want to get a photo with just him. So we both went over and started chatting with Joey about different things. He was cool as ever. As Joey came over to take a photo with me my friend Shannon joked around saying sit in his lap. I began laughing, and Joey had a funny look on his face saying, really? I laughed louder saying sure, why not, that would be a funny photo. He seemed to think about it for a second, and said, are you sure. I replied, why not, I'm cool with it. He proceeded to sit down, and begun to swinging his other leg around, and said, hold me. My friend took the photo op. Joey then apologized if he was too heavy. I said, no man, that was awesome. It was cool. I then took a photo of Joey with my friend Shannon. We thanked him and left.


        I took over a hundred photos that day with, and of models/adult film stars as well which can be found on my Facebook Hobby Site below.


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