• 02/27/2013 (3:13:56 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

JR's RAW Thoughts, Punk-Cena Match Awesome, King Eats Sonic, WWE HOF Thoughts, Order JR's Today For WM29 Parties

It's clear and cold in my neck of the woods and a great day for OKC to host WWE Smackdown. This is the last OKC WWE event until December and I hope that we have a good crowd despite of all the weather issues that have hammered parts of the state the past few days. Busy day so here we go...

 I really enjoyed the hot start to Monday Night RAW from Dallas and also the close of the broadcast which translates to me into a good broadcast.

Dallas was a legit sell out, I couldn't even get tickets for a few friends, and the crowd helped make the show better.
The McMahon-Heyman in ring confrontation told a brief albeit short story that set up the HHH-Lesnar confrontation nicely. Lesnar needed, allegedly 12 or more staples in his head to close up a nasty gash that he received in a collision with the ring post. BTW the ring post generally wins those meetings. 

I am hopeful that HHH vs. Lesnar is a major part of WM29 and I have NO issues with this or any other viable match being a 'return' contest. Those that have issues with big time matches having a second go around have issues that I honestly can't fully fathom. I can't think of too many, major WWE main events that haven't had a return match with the exception of a small handful. This concept has been around since before I got in the business in 1974 and is a viable part of the fabric of what sports entertainment is. 

It's obvious to me that Ryback is improving weekly. Considering where Ryback started as it relates to in ring experience, etc I feel that his evolution is a positive. Plus, Ziggler is a developing star who STILL has the MITB brief case which makes him remain relevant no matter the outcome of any TV bout. 

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