• 03/25/2013 (6:34:56 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Good Monday everyone. Let's roll with some random thoughts prior to tonight's Monday Night RAW live on the USA Network at 8/7 central.

Got my WM29 travel handled for the Mrs. and me. We're both excited to be going to the 29th WrestleMania at Met Life Stadium. Great time to reconnect with old friends and meeting fans from all over the world.
Doing a drive by at the giant,
WWE Super Store at MetLife Stadium inside the west gate (MetLife gate) Thursday afternoon at a time TBD. I will officially be at the Stadium store on Friday from 1-3 pm. All our products will be available at the Super Store ONLY Thursday-Saturday with the store opening at 11 am each day. I hope those attending will consider stocking up and saving the shipping costs while taking JR's Products home with you. This is a great time for fans who live outside the USA to scarf up on JR's awesome Beef Jerky which is unable to ship to some countries.  
JR's products will be fully stocked at the WWE Super Store but will NOT be available inside the IZOD Center at AXXESS. However the stadium is near the IZOD Center and a shuttle will be available to transport those who don't care to take the short walk from one facility to another. 
My only appearance at AXXESS will be Saturday morning 8-10 at the Legends Booth. 
I was able to score two tickets to the WWE HOF and we are excited about enjoying that very special event. 
I'm generally damned if I do and damned if I don't when it comes to predicting what I feel with be the tenor and feel of Monday Night Raw. If I said that I feel that tonight's show will be hot then I'm a shill and prone to hyperbole.  If I describe that a RAW broadcast, as I did last week, was perplexing then I'm going 'cryptic.'
I look at tonight's RAW very simplistically. I feel the show is in a 'must win' situation as it relates to the road to WrestleMania but the same can be said for every Monday Night Raw broadcast since the Elimination Chamber PPV occurred.

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