• 06/24/2013 (2:33:45 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Great Sunday here in Norman, Oklahoma after a busy week for yours truly that included trips to Orlando/Winter Park Florida and then spending Saturday in Stillwater, Oklahoma. More on both in this blog. Let's Grill.... 

My observation, in general, on the NXT taping Thursday night at Full Sail University was that the four, one hour programs were as solid and as full of energy as any we've done in the ever growing developmental program. 
The taping started at 6:30 P.M. and ended just before 10 P.M. local time which was efficient and kept the capacity crowd engaged throughout the evening. 
Lots of talents continue to develop in NXT and many have, seemingly, a date with the
WWE main roster in their future at some point in time. Continued hard work in the effort to improve one's game and making the right decisions both in and out of the ring are imperative for those dreams to be facilitated. 
Lazy, immature, overly insecure, problem children need not apply.  
I like the duo of Adrian Neville and Cory Graves as they have the potential to compliment each other well and to grow as a team for as long as they are together. The new Ascension duo also has potential. 
Bo Dallas and Leo Kruger both had solid nights, among several others,Thursday evening as I don't recall seeing any bouts that were cringe worthy.  
Arguably, the 'stars' of the Thursday NXT taping were all the Divas who had a series of fundamentally sound bouts including many within the first ever, NXT Womens Title tourney. 
Sara Del Ray has done a marvelous job in coaching and teaching the females in NXT and her efforts are certainly obvious to any fan of the genre.
Ric Flair was on hand to see his athletic daughter, Charlotte, make her in ring debut and Charlotte did well for her first outing. She's approximately a 6 footer who has a viable upside.

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