• 10/09/2013 (2:09:42 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

RAW was from Pittsburgh, my wife's hometown. Great to see Bruno Sammartino getting some exposure but a part of me wishes it had been more. Bruno is a good man of character and integrity. Hopefully, the younger talents got a chance to interact with the Living Legend before the show.

Thought the opening segment was a hit. Stephanie McMahon had control of her promo and it did not sound un-organic. Talents who memorize their 'lines' and then present them as such ruins it for me. Yep, I might be too old school for today's product but I tune out and disconnect when I feel someone is talking to me from any place other than their heart.

The Big Show has been nicely rebuilt. Curious to see how far his resurrection takes him.  Something big at WM30 perhaps?

Loved how Dolph Ziggler SOLD which is such a crucial aspect of any match and is becoming a lost art.

The two young Divas, Eva Marie and JoJo, got on RAW thanks to E's Total Divas show. Those that are having a hissy fit because some NXT Divas haven't debuted yet need to relax. I'd be more upset that those aforementioned NXT Divas showed up on RAW with zero build.

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