• 02/24/2014 (3:45:37 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

It's the beginning of a huge week as I've already subscribed to the WWE Network, have a podcast to record in the next few hours and have a trip to NYC for the first ever RINGSIDE: An Evening  with Jim Ross shows in NYC this Saturday. With that said, we're burning daylight......

Some rowdy, Keyboard Warriors took me to the woodshed on Twitter @JRsBBQ Sunday night because many did not personally approve of the creative that ended the Elimination Chamber match.

I guess they missed the announcement that I'm no longer employed by WWE and have zero to do with anything remotely touching creative or what fans see on TV.

I did discover that there are apparently hundreds of over qualified bookers and creative types on Twitter who have a better way of doing virtually everything that concerns TV Wrestling.

They should start their own promotions on their parent's money. Sorry....I had to go there. :) 

My opinion of the Elimination Chamber PPV of which I paid full retail just like most fans who watched the show from Minneapolis:

Swagger vs Big E was very solid. I enjoyed it and it seemed to overdeliver based on what some fans were thinking. I thought it would be good if they had the time to tell a viable story and they did. Really like both guys.

Usos losing surprised me but I can see how the tag title picture is evolving and have no issues with the focus that the New Age Outlaws have brought to the equation. The tag titles will mean more at WM30 they they have in a long while.

Loved the 6 Man Tag featuring the Shield and the Wyatt's. Best match of the night in my opinion. All 6 men distinguished themselves and as I tweeted Sunday night @JRsBBQ  all of them have come a long way from Dale Mabry in Tampa..Full Sail in Orlando...to being a featured attraction on a WWE PPV. As a former consultant to the developmental team, I was very proud of the athletes. WWE has six guys on the two units who all, in their own way, are going to be contributors to the company.

Thought the six athlete's efforts inside the Chamber was stellar. This is a painful match to watch not just from ringside but at home on PPV as well. The steel is unforgiving and damaging on the bodies of every man in it. Some fans, as I previously mentioned, did not like the ending of the match as they felt that Daniel Bryan should have became the WWE Champion. I won't go into my thought process on the slow burn theory of booking but it does work but, admittedly, only if it is timely re: pulling the trigger. That's a subjective matter, a gut feeling issue, and there is no proven formula for pulling the trigger.

I do know that when it says "card subject to change" that it means any thing can happen and based on current events and if I was a passionate, Daniel Bryan fan of which there seems to be many, I'd MUCH rather see DB have his 'moment' at WM30 than elsewhere.

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