• 02/25/2014 (10:40:24 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Greetings one and all on one of the most memorable weeks I can recall in many a moon. Thanks for stopping by and let's stop burning daylight....

Very pleased that my old pal Mick Foley is going to sit in with me Saturday night at our late show at the Gramercy Theater on the Q&A portion of RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross in NYC. That's was a nice surprise for me and I appreciate Mick taking the time out of his schedule to support our efforts to build a brand with these one man shows.

I may never be as good as Mick Foley on stage but I can be the best JR that I can and that 's what fans will get Saturday night. Tickets are still available at the box office and http://www.ticketmaster.com. VIP tickets that include a meet and greet are still available for the early show. Join us!

We'll have some JR's' BBQ Sauce, Championship Beef Jerky and some new, event shirts available at the shows in the Big Apple.

Big day for WWE Monday as their Network launched and they had a huge, RAW that should easily top 4M viewers when all is said and done with the TV ratings.

I subscribed to the WWE Network first thing Monday morning with no issues. Actually enjoyed watching the main event at WM1 Monday night after RAW. That may be the answer to a trivia question some day....or maybe not. It was great hearing Gorilla and The Body call the match even though I recall Gorilla not enjoying being called Gino on the air.

Vince McMahon, ever the riverboat gambler, had it all riding on the river card at WM1 as it had to hit for him to stay in business. It hit.

The rumblings of Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar at WM30 was made official on RAW or that's what I got out of it. I think that these two will exceed most fan's expectations at WM30. Not sure I can tell you why but it's merely a gut feeling that I have.  I think that they keep it basic, physical and at an old school pace which isn't plodding but one that fans can process and 'feel' what they are seeing.

I see WM30 as a card that will likely evolve right through the last RAW prior to the event in NOLA. Yes, I think that card tweaks could occur the final week of the promotion for the big event.

Getting way too much negative feedback here about how Batista is positioned as if it is Dave's fault. It's really no one's 'fault' as sometimes talents are simply miscast. I've see it happen since the day I walked into the biz in 1974. The great thing about TV Wrestling creative is that the most powerful weapon in the business can be called upon.....the eraser.

I have always thought that Batista, because of the Daniel Bryan phenomenon, was a better fit to be a villian but that's easy to say now. I expect that to occur later this week on Smackdown.

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