• 06/11/2013 (4:42:22 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Beautiful day but HOT here in Norman, Oklahoma. No bad weather on the immediate horizon so that is a good thing. WWEShop.com has reduced the price of JR's Cookbooks to $12.99 and they come authentically autographed and can be shipped worldwide with no issues. There are MANY wrestling stories and top ten lists included with delicious, easy to execute recipes so it is much more than just a cookbook. I invite you to order yours today. Let's GRILL!!  

Overall, I enjoyed Monday Night RAW. Here are some of the standout moments for me:  
@WWEDanielBryan vs. @WWERollins was one of the best bouts on RAW in many moons. This was excellent from start to finish, an announcer's dream really, and is a great match for NXT athletes or those wanting o make it to
WWE Development to study. Both the winner and the loser improved their perception and enhanced their personas when this match ended. 
Orton/Bryan dynamic. I'm intrigued. Anxious to see how it plays out. 
AJ Lee's impassioned promo was her best ever, for my BBQ sauce anyway, & her segment with Kaitlyn was the most compelling Diva segment that I can recall in quite some time. 
John Cena's promo. Loaded with passion and realism. Cena seemed genuinely pissed. Passion sells tickets and PPV's. 
Wyatt Family video #3. Another great, creative production building anticipation for the pending debut of Bray Wyatt and his "Family." It doesn't bother me when fans on Twitter @JRsBBQ compare Bray Wyatt with Waylon Mercy no more than it did when fans compared Waylon Mercy to 'Cape Fear's' Sam Cady.

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