• 07/16/2013 (4:16:42 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

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I thought the Brooklyn RAW was one of the better RAW's of the year. Strong follow up to the MITB PPV just 24 hours prior. To see the talents maintain their intensity after the Philly event made me proud. There were many sore, stapled, stitched and tired talents but there was no lack of effort Monday night. The vociferous, live audience helped without question.       
RAW GM Brad Maddox is .....SMARMY. Not sure that Mr. McMahon will appreciate Maddox' decision to allow the WWE Champion to pick his own opponent for the Summer Slam PPV. Fandango made a nice showing vs the MITB winner Randy Orton. Summer Rae's ringside work adds to Fandango's TV persona. Fandango's best days are ahead especially as Summer Rae continues to develop while @RandyOrton is at the top of his game.      
The Shield attacking the mammoth Mark Henry surprised me. Anxious to see how this matter evolves. I actually like this issue as it give both entities something to promo about which is a good thing. Mark Henry can cut a promo with the best of them. After Sunday's masterpiece, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler had another stellar on one bout on RAW. The scorned and unbalanced AJ Lee again made an impact and facilitated the insertion of Big E Langston into the equation. Big step up for Big E and another roadblock perhaps on Ziggler's road to regaining the World Title. All good stuff. Emerging fan favorites are best served when they are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds and distinct challenges.      
The Wyatt Family made another memorable appearance on Monday Night RAW. R Truth got the wrath of what apparently awaits Kane upon the Big Red Machine's return. Bray's verbiage is classic and worth a second listen. Could a Wyatt-Kane match possibly be on tap for Summer Slam?? Vickie Guerrero in a sandwich board obviously indicates that she hasn't or isn't going away...at least quietly. Got a feeling that we haven't seen nor heard the last of Vickie's presence in WWE just yet. 
The Heyman/Punk/Lesnar scenario was compelling TV and was on the mark in all phases. Punk was hurt, physically and emotionally, after the events that occurred at Summer Slam and it showed both on his face and his body English. @HeymanHustle was at his best on the mic Monday night. The man's TV persona is SO easy to dislike. Heyman's delivery was right out of a Mafia scene ala the late, Soprano's icon James Gandolfini telling his Uncle Junior that "You're dead to me!" 
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