• 05/18/2013 (2:52:55 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

EXTREME PREDICTIONS for This Sunday's PPV..Save up to 30% OFF JR's products at WWEShop.com This Weekend!

Greetings and welcome to our website. This weekend you can save up to 30% on JR's products from http://www.wweshop.com. Take a look at our page there. It's a great opportunity to share an order with another not withstanding Father's Day is on the horizon. Let's Grill...  

St Louis will host @WWE Extreme Rules this Sunday on PPV. Arguably the most physical PPV of the year from WWE because any time inanimate objects become involved in the grappling equation, any thing can happen. If every WWE Superstar comes out of St. Louis unscathed, I will be "Extremely" surprised. I wish everyone involved the best of luck. 
Here are my predictions: (No wagering, please) 
Cody Rhodes, if you weeill,  hasn't won many bouts since growing the 'stache and he won't Sunday either vs. The Miz. This is on the pregame show. (Have you heard about the WWE app?? Watch the pregame there) 
Chris Jericho beats Fandango in what will surprise some. 
Mark Henry will whip Sheamus' achromatic hide like a Government Mule with a leather strap made in Idaho and will then touch all 4 ring posts to win in controversial fashion.
The Shield win the WWE Tag Titles over Team Hell No. Reigns beats Kane for the deciding fall. 
Dean Ambrose wins the United States Title vs. Kofi Kingston in a match that could eventually push Kofi over the proverbial edge. Can Ambrose restore luster to the US Title? 

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