• 03/15/2013 (10:20:08 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Thanks for stopping by our site on a beautiful day in Norman, Oklahoma where you can buy JR's products off the shelf at great prices. There are four, Norman @HomelandStores and all do a great job with our brand. Let's get random...

Nick Diaz is actually doing the #UFC a favor with his alleged 'bad boy' behavior prior to this Saturday's PPV vs. GSP. Diaz' every move is seemingly being documented and the talented albeit combustible MMA athlete will have many people paying big bucks to see perennial hero St. Pierre silence GSP's controversial nemesis in the heroes hometown. Perfect scenario for a momentous upset even thought Diaz is a huge betting underdog. 
If GSP comes out looking to humiliate and decimate Diaz and not fight his usual strategic fight, strange things could happen in Montreal. 

 Great 'villains' are the one's who can motivate fans to invest financially in the villain's demise or comeuppance. . 
It's been that way in sports entertainment for decades and it happens every Sunday in the NFL which is why the NFL rarely plays a game on a neutral site. The visitors play the role of the 'villain.' 

Speaking of the UFC, their primary broadcast team, who I happen to really enjoy, @MFG16 and @JoeRogan, work like government mules on show day just on the air alone. Facebook bouts, prelims on cable and then the PPV which equates roughly to a 6 hour broadcast. That's insane. That means that the most important thing that they do, the PPV Main Event, is at the end of a marathon day of double digit hours.

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