• 07/10/2013 (4:08:05 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

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Enjoyed Monday Night Raw from Baltimore and here are a few of the moments that especially stood out to me:        
Two, outstanding wrestling matches to start and end the broadcast. Loved seeing a clear cut winner in both and appreciate the efforts and physicality of all four men involved in these two matches that helped promote Sunday's PPV in Philly. Neither man who lost was damaged in the process. The John Cena-Mark Henry segment was text book stuff and I felt helped add some steam to the WWE Title bout at MITB this Sunday. Cena not being able to control Henry's size and girth adds to the intrigue come Sunday. The overall build for the Wyatt Family from the beginning of the show including  their entrance was well done. I'm curious to see what their next move will be. Smackdown? MITB? Next week on RAW? All of the above?            
The overall promotion for the MITB PPV this Sunday was good especially for the MITB bout for the WWE title opportunity. I'm a Daniel Bryan fan and him closing the show and dealing with Punk and Orton before ascending the ladder was great foreshadowing. Bryan's apparent 'unstableness' is intriguing and DB has organically connected with the fans notwithstanding his in ring expertise.
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