• 06/18/2013 (3:14:41 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

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Payback Thoughts:
One of the better
WWE PPV's of the "non major" variety in a long while. Certainly ranked a strong 7 or 8 on a 10 scale in my book. Thoroughly enjoyed it.  
Good for Cutis Axel, the new IC Champion.  I wish some cynical fans would stop second guessing every more this kid makes until he can get a little farther down the road in his career journey. I'm confident he will evolve into a significant asset for WWE.
Gotta laugh at some keyboard warriors who espouse "Axel hasn't paid his dues" as if they know what paying dues, as ambiguous as that statement is, actually means. 
Loved AJ's use of Antonio Inoki's established, submission hold the Octopus. Makes sense for a smaller antagonist.  
The timing of the RVD promo was spot on and created a buzz that is needed from PPV to PPV. Smart marketing by WWE and it re-positioned RVD as a major star.
The Ziggler vs. Del Rio match had some psychological qualities of the WM13 bout between Bret Hart and Stone Cold. Great in ring storytelling that provides more questions than answers and plenty of follow up material for episodic TV. Del Rio seems more comfortable in the antagonist tole than he does as a fan favorite. However, I do think that many Hispanic fans will still support their countryman. I'm more interested in the personas of both ADR and Ziggler now than I was prior to Payback.   

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