• 03/19/2013 (4:46:31 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

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Perplexing Raw Monday night in Pittsburgh. Obviously, the live crowd was not into some aspects of the broadcast which resonated at home.
Not the hot start to the broadcast that we've experienced on RAW the past few weeks. I will say that John Cena has physically never looked better in my view. I'd suggest that Cena's cardio vascular conditioning could well be a major factor when he challenges The Rock for the
WWE Title at WM29. The Rock's worldwide, travel schedule is freakish and nothing can prepare one's stamina inside the ring better than being inside the ring on a regular basis.
Nice to see the Mark Henry vs. Ryback WM29 finally made official. Sort of reminds me of other strongman matches from the past IE Ken Patera vs. Tony Atlas. 
Wasn't crazy about Damien Sandow getting counted out against R Truth. It's the proverbial "kissing one's sister" conclusion IE a tie in football like back in the day.  
The CM Punk biz with the urn made me uncomfortable. 
Happy to see the WWE Tag Titles slated to be defended at WM29. Thats a step in the right direction for tag team wrestling fans. 

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