• 08/07/2013 (12:25:40 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Hello from sultry, Norman, Oklahoma! Stock up on JR's delicious products online at http://www.wweshop.com or in Manchester, England at http://www.americansoda.co.uk . Your support of our family brand is greatly appreciated. LET'S GRILL!!  Enjoyed Raw Monday night from Green Bay. WWE did a nice job of focusing on the two, main event bouts, Cena vs. Bryan and Punk vs. Lesnar.  There seems to be multiple twists and turns as to where the WWE Title situation may evolve. With the McMahon Family involved, the likely show closing main event could end in a myriad of manners. Obviously one can't omit MITB winner Randy Orton from this scenario either. I think that Bryan and Cena will match up well and with the added elements that could be put into play, this match should be excellent. No reason for it not to be. It could be a match of the year candidate and, arguably, might not be the match of the night. 
Loved the physicality of the Punk- Lesnar business in Title Town, sorry, Packer haters. I expect to see plenty of slobber knockers from these two at Summer Slam. Both men like to be physical and to push their adversaries to the limit which endears both to me. What if I said that I think that this match could well end in a submission, would you think that I'm Pet Coon goofy? Never say never in the WWE as both men love to look for tapouts. Is it likely? Probaly not but it certainly could happen. Paul Heyman could certainly be the wild card in this match and one has to assume that Happy Heyman will be involved to some degree. To what degree could determine how this first meeting of Punk and Lesnar ends. By first meeting, I hope/expect there to be another one on one wrestling match between the two. HUGE opportunity awaits Bray Wyatt at S'Slam vs. Kane. Curious to see how the newcomer responds under the summer lights of a major PPV. I'm thinking that he will do well. It's in his genes.
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