• 06/14/2012 (10:30:45 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Jersey Shore Championship Wrestling News Update
Thursday June 14, 2012
The first man to ever hold the Jersey All Pro Wrestling Light Heavyweight Championship "The Nature Boy" Rik Ratchet is headed to JSCW and will debut on July 28th in Manahawkin, NJ whooa!
"The German Menace" Kraig Stagg has contacted JSCW management and demanded that he be put in a match with The Atomic Dog on July 28th in Manahawkin, NJ. Stagg told JSCW that he hates dogs and loves to kick them in the face and will kick the teeth right out of the Atomic Dogs Mouth! When JSCW informed The Dog about Stagg's comments he said he needs a new bone to chew on and to make the match happen!
Josh Daniels wants revenge on the man that defeated him in JAPW last year Bandido Jr. Josh has said that he has waited a very long time to get Bandido back in the ring and will destroy his goal of becoming the first event JSCW Division II Champion on July 28th in Manahawkin! Lets not forget former JAPW Triple Crown Champion Dixie will also be in this 3 Way Dance!
Kimber Lee & Mia Yim have been simply beating one another to near death all over the country and would make UFC fans proud! Get ready to see some great female action in Manahawkin!
Both Nicky Oceans and Mike Dennis are looking forward to facing off in a JSCW ring on July 28th!
Chris Dickinson never liked or had a chance to wrestle Danny Demanto in JAPW and management is sure Demanto feels the same way. Which one of these superstars will rise as the other falls to defeat on July 28th?
The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels are currently Tag Team Champions with another company. They are scheduled to defend the titles on July 28th and would work JSCW before that event. JSCW management doesn't want to have them rush in and out and has decided to ler them out of thier commitment to work in Manahawkin on July 28th. Biggie Biggs & Magic "The PPHHAATT BBOOYYZZ" will be in Tag Team Action that night!
Jersey Shore Championship Wrestling will debut at The Elks Lodge 500 Hilliard Blvd in Manahawkin, NJ live Saturday Night July 28, 2012 with an 8pm Bell. Ticket Special: Buy 2 G&A Tickets for only $10.00 each and receive 1 "FREE". Tickets will be sold at the door or online now at www.jscw.us
3 Way Dance To Deem First Official JSCW Division II Champion
Bandido Jr vs Josh Daniels vs Dixie
JSCW Vacant Tag Team Title Match
The Garden State Gods vs Glitz $ Glamour
Danny Demanto vs Chris Dickinson-
Kimber Lee vs Mia Yim-
"The German Menace" Kraig Stagg vs The Atomic Dog-
Nicky Oceans vs Mike Dennis-
The PPHHAATT BBOOYYZZ & Nature Boy Rik Ratchet will also be in action!
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