• 10/22/2013 (6:45:29 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

K&S Wrestlefest and Highspots will be making the "Big Event" even Bigger, Badder and Better

The Big Event (www.bigeventnycom)
Saturday, Nov 9, 2013
10am - 2pm
Terrace on the Park
52-11 111th Street
Flushing, NY, 11368

K&S Wrestlefest and Highspots Guests (will be from 11am -2pm)....
Kevin Nash (Diesel) - member of the NWO and former WWE World Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion
Sean Waltman (Xpac) - member of the NWO and former WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE European Champion, WWE Cruiserweight Champion, WCW Cruiserweight Champion, TNA Wrestling X-Divison Champion
Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman are not included in the Super-Ticket but we have the following special deals.
K&S Wrestlefest, Highspots, and Lucky 13 Promotions are pleased to give the fans a chance to get a group photo-op with
Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman.
Wolfpac Package Includeds : Extremely limited number of 25 will be sold for only $100
1 Group photo with Hall, Nash, Waltman
2 Autographs from Kevin Nash
2 Autographs from Sean Waltman
1 Highspots Shoot Interview featuring the Wolfpac
1 16x20 Poster Artwork of the Wolfpac
Wolfpac Photo-Op for only $50
Photo with Nash, Hall & Waltman
Outsiders Photo-Op for only $40
Photo with Nash & Hall
All these Pre - Order Deals expire Nov 1, 2013!!!!!!

Super-Ticket Line-Up
Sgt. Slaughter - WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE World Champion
George "Animal" Steele -  WWE Hall of Famer
Jacques Rougeau ( the Mountie) - former WWF Intercontinental Champion
Raymond Rougeau - former WWF star
Savio Vega - leader of Los Boricuas and former WWE Star
Miguel Pérez, Jr - member of Los Boricuas and  former WWE wrestler
Jose Estrada, Jr. - member of Los Boricuas and former WWE wrestler
Jesús Castillo, Jr.- member of Los Boricuas and former WWE wrestler
Bushwhacker Luke - former WWE Star
Rockin' Robin - former WWE Women's Champion
Trinity - part of WWE's new ECW and former WWE Diva, TNA Knockout
Steve Corino - former ECW World Champion
Bobby Fulton - member of the The Fantastics
Super-Ticket Pre - Order Deal  only $149 and expire Nov 1, 2013
1 autograph and 1 photo-op with all 13 Superstars on the super ticket.
Special Reunion of Los Boricuas deal only $50
Group photo op of Los Boricus
1 autograph from all 4 members
Special Reunion of the Fabulous Rougeaus Package deal only $45
1 Rougeau Brothers photo op
1 autograph from both members
All these Pre - Order Deals expire Nov 1, 2013
Go to www.kswrestlefest.weebly.com to order your tickets today!!!
For pre - orders, mail orders or any information contact us at [email protected]



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