• 11/07/2019 (9:54:18 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Show: Wrestling Epicenter
Guest: Ken Shamrock
Date: 11/06/19
Your Host: James Walsh

He’s the “World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock and he’s back in the Epicenter after only 2 and a half months since the last time. Since then, Shamrock returned to Impact Wrestling, faced Moose at Bound for Glory in front of a sold out crowd in Chicago, and took a “Dick Flip” from Joey Ryan in Canada. Quite a lot has happened, would you not say?

Shamrock discusses his return to Impact Wrestling, his World Title Goals, how the Valor BK event he presented went, and a lot more in a fun quick interview recorded live from Queens, New York!

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On how he feels thus far into his Impact Wrestling return:
“Oh man, it’s been great! I know that my first show at Bound for Glory, when I was able to get in the ring with Moose and show the fans that I was 100% ready to go not just to talk about it but to do it. So, I’m happy, I’m ready, and I’m here and enjoying the process.”

On working with Moose:
“He’s very talented… He’s got a lot of skill. Great character! Cheater! (laughs) But, it is what it is. It is going to be a long road. I’m here to be champion. There are going to be some obstacles that are going to get in my way. I’m going to keep going until i get where I need tobe.”

On challenging Sami Callihan at tonight’s TV tapings in New York City:
“That (winning) would be awesome, man. I didn’t think it would come this quick but I’m glad that it did. The road less traveled is also a great thing to have! (laughs)”

On taking the “Dick Flip” from Joey Ryan:
“(laughs) I’m not sure what you call it! But, I got FLIPPED! (laughs) It was fun. I enjoyed it. It was one of those matches that I really had to think about. I thought that this could have an impact on how people look and view me getting in there with a guy like Joey Ryan. I mean, he’s got a lot of followers! So, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to get in there and have a match with him. I’m glad I came out on top.”

On those who think Joey Ryan’s “Dick Flip” is too silly:
“Are you kidding me? This is entertainment! Are they really taking themselves that serious? In my opinion, 90% of the people who are saying those things couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag and yet they’re being called champions and winning matches because other people are working with them. And they’re telling me that this is too gimmicky when they probably wouldn’t have a name for themselves if this wasn’t entertainment! They need to check themselves and remember that this is about fun. It is about putting the fans over. It’s about putting other people over and stop pointing fingers at people and just enjoy the process!”

On how his Valor BK PPV came off in September:
“It went great. Everyone has been positive about it. We’re just now starting to announce things for our second show. In another week or two, we will announce our next date. We have a potential main event fight… That may or may not happen. But, right now, social media is blowing up just about that main event fight!”

On if he’ll be sticking around in Impact for a while:
“Absolutely. I’ve set a goal. Once I achieve it, I’ll set another one! But, right now, I’m here. I’m enjoying it! I love the competitiveness that we have here in Impact in the locker room. Guys are going out there and trying to put out the best matches that they can with one another but, at the same time, they want to out-do and out-perform everyone else at a very high level and a respectable level.”

On working with Valley’s Boys and Girls Club in Queens, NY before the Impact TV Tapings:
“I’m the (Rock, Paper, Scissors) champ, bro! Come on! (laughs) I enjoy working with kids, getting them to laugh and have a good time. I do a minsitry where I work with at risk kids. It is something I had to go through when I was younger so having the opportunity to turn around and make kids laugh and help them to have a good time is something I really enjoy doing.”

On his final thoughts heading into tonight’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings in New York:
“It is going to be a really good time. Come on down! Don’t miss it. And, Callihan! LOOK OUT!”

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