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September 15th 2006

Returns to PCW to Face Styles After Requesting His Contractual Release

WINNIPEG, Mb - Kenny Omega received a heroes welcome when he surprised the crowd last night at a live Premier Championship Wrestling event. Less than an hour later, he demonstrated the exceptional talent that local fans have grown accustomed to and which earned him a WWE contract almost one year ago by defeating long-time nemesis Rawskillz. As a result, he will face former World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles next Thursday!

Omega's appearance for PCW shocked the fans and many in the wrestling community, especially when they learned that he chose to leave on his own terms.

"It was a great learning experience," Omega said of his WWE stint. "But for me to explain why I left, people just wouldn't understand unless they were in the same position."

In a move that closely resembled that of his next opponent AJ Styles, Omega's five month WWE experience came to an end last week when he requested, and was granted, his unconditional release from the company and flew into Winnipeg on Friday. In April 2002, Styles turned down a WWE contract offer and signed with TNA two months later.

Omega's resignation was another twist in the emotional roller-coaster ride his professional career has been on since his stand out performance last September impressed WWE Vice-President Johnny (Ace) Laurinaitis enough to warrant a try-out with the promotion a few weeks later. That try-out turned into a three year contract with WWE and a spot in their developmental league, Deep South Wrestling.

After securing work papers, Omega finally reported to DSW in April where he appeared on television several times, but where his average match time was a paltry five minutes at best, a foreign concept for the match perfectionist.

"It was what it was but I can honestly say it felt fantastic to be in the ring with a guy like Rawskillz last night with the creative freedom to give the fans a great match."

It was an emotional home-coming for Omega and his fans who could only follow his work on the internet the past several months. A Premier Championship Wrestling mainstay since December 2001 and a former two-time champion of the indy league, Omega blossomed into an exceptional wrestler during his time with the promotion, crediting his
development in part to fellow PCW performers Mentallo and Rawskillz.

Omega will have little time to enjoy his return as he prepares to face "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles at PCW's Back to School Bash next Thursday, September 21st in what many fans and Canadian insiders are calling a "dream match."

In a coincidental bit of foreshadowing, Omega commented on facing Styles in August 2005 when he confronted then World X Division Champion Christopher Daniels on a PCW event. His WWE signing prevented the match with either man from taking place until now.

PCW's Director of Operations Andrew Shallcross was surprised when Omega informed him of his impending return but excited at having the young superstar home if even for a short time.

"We're lucky to have Kenny back right now," he said. "The timing couldn't have been better from a business and fan perspective."

But Shallcross is treating his return as a short term windfall.

"This is almost like the Kenny Omega farewell tour we all wish we could have gotten before he left. But whether he's here for one week or one year, we'll take it! I'm sure opportunities will take him on to bigger and better things sooner rather than later."

Omega was coy about his future plans, though he admitted he made some valuable contacts while in WWE and had not given up on his dream of a career in a major league promotion.

"Simply making it isn't enough," he explained. "It has to be a positive situation in a place where I can grow and develop as a professional. Time will tell, but for now, you can see me and the rest of the boys work as hard as we can every Thursday night for PCW"

PCW's Back to School Bash featuring AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega and Samoa Joe vs Antonio Scorpio Jr & Mike Angels in a three way dance takes place this Thursday, September 21st at the LID Nightclub in Winnipeg. Tickets are only $15 with a limited number available at the door at 8:00PM. Bell time is 9:00PM.

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