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nWo original will be in Niagara Falls Saturday for Neo Wrestling show

Former WWE/WCW champion Kevin Nash is growing up

The leader of the Wolfpac still has bite.

But, in many ways, Kevin Nash is growing up.

His once long brown hair is now grey and cut short.

His diet is strict. He eats more salmon and almonds and less red meat.

He makes regular trips to the doctor, and his cardiologist recently gave the 53-year-old former WWE/WCW champion a clean bill of health.

“I don’t feel a day over 51,” Nash says with a laugh during a recent interview from his Florida home.

Nash’s days as a full-time wrestler are over as he spends more time with his wife and son.

But the seven-foot, 305-pound man they called Diesel, Vinnie Vegas, Oz and Big Sexy isn’t hanging up his boots.

As Nash puts it, “an object in motion remains an object in motion.”

“It’s so much easier to go to the gym everyday and bust your ass when you try to stay in shape for wrestling,” he says. “(The) cardio, your core is strong because you’re still in the game. You have to protect your body, protect yourself. It gives you a rhyme and reason to drag your ass to the gym when you’re as beat up as I am.”

Nash is headlining a Neo Wrestling show Saturday at the Fight Club in Niagara Falls. When he’s not in the ring that night, Nash will do what he does at these events — sign autographs, meet and take pictures with fans.

It sounds like easy work for a semi-retired wrestler, but that’s not always the case.

Nash recently worked a show in Virginia when the promoter oversold a VIP package. Instead of 50 people expected at the meet-and-greet, there were 200.

Some in the crowd were small kids, while one man drove four hours. Not wanting to disappoint them, Nash obliged.

He’s since filed a complaint against the promoter and promotion with the Virginia wrestling commission.

“They’re everywhere,” he says of unscrupulous promoters. “They really are. It’s a shame. It’s maybe 1%, but when you do it five, six years it’s once every three months you come across somebody.

“I didn’t think it was done with malice but it was pure incompetence.”

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