• 07/24/2013 (10:33:13 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Lanny Poffo will be bringing his One Man Show to Sound of Heaven JULY 28th at 6 PM. Stories from his life on the road with the WWF, touching memories of his brother Randy Savage, some poetry, song, and an audience driven Q&A session. All this will be followed by his appearance on Local Legends TV....need the LIVE audience. Autographs and photos are available. Only $20 cover charge. Sound of Heaven is located at 30 Eastern Ave in Deer Park, NY.

We have another event the following night at DoughBoys Pizza. Its a RAW Viewing with Lanny. Hang out for 3 solid hours with him. Ask questions, get your picture taken, and get an autograph. Lanny will be sitting with everyone who attends. This is also in Deer Park $30 (photo and autograph included).


The "Genius" Lanny Poffo, will be bringing his "One Man Show" to Sound of Heaven July 28th at 6 PM. He will not only be talking about his career in wrestling, road stories, doing some poetry, and sharing thoughts about his brother, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, but will also be a guest on "Local Legends TV"! A wrestling studio audience is encouraged! RSVP right away... The Associate Producer of "The Wrestler", Evan Ginsburg, will be on "Local Legends TV" as well. There will be an AUDIENCE DRIVEN Q&A for the panel, and some karaoke, "The Genius" likes should be a blast!


Autographs and Photo ops will be made available, as well as some light snacks and coffee. This is going to be a very FUN evening. Lots of laughs. Audience participation is encouraged, and a studio audience is key...bring your friends and family. Sound of Heaven is located at 30 Eastern Ave in Deer Park, NY. Price is $20 for the cover. You get the "One Man Show" that's hysterical, and the "Local Legends TV" taping Both of teh above will have times where you, the audience will be directly incorporated into the event.. If you have any questions, email : [email protected], or call 631-940-1935 and ask for Bobby.


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