• 07/29/2012 (2:45:49 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Well, my dream of more than 6 years became a reality. I FINALLY met Melina. And, I thankfully I had more than the typical "handshake and pose experience". I had a great conversation with her and entertained her with a story of how my wife won tickets to Raw for us on our second date. I screamed so bad for Melina that night that I almost didn't get a third date. My wife said, "Yeah, he screamed, "Melina, do a split!!!" and I almost took off." Morrison was late arriving, so my initial interaction was only with Melina.

My wife informed her, "you're going to get rich off of him today" and she did. I spent about $200 on her and Morrison combined. She was so gracious and appreciative though. She was thrilled when I picked her Wonder Woman 8X10 for an autograph (at my wife's suggestion). I also had her sign my 3-pack of figures and my WWE Encyclopedia. She signed both of her entries in the book without me asking (and didn't charge a second fee).

This is where it gets fun, and the experience became a unique one that prompted Melina to say, "that was so much fun!" I took the normal pic of us smiling together, then asked her for a more unique shot. I told her how everyone thought I would freak her out with my love, so I wanted a shot of her doing the Melina "disgusted face" as I'm trying to shower her with affection. She and her handler really got a good laugh out of this. I told her I'd be back when Morrison got there and also that I'd bring her Skittles (which I forgot in the car), even though everyone was probably bringing them to her. They said I was the first one today and that made me feel good.

After looking around a bit I came back to meet J-Mo and I also to get a pic with both he and Melina. John was equally gracious. I told him I wished he was still around and he said he missed being there. He said, "What's going on with WWE? CM Punk is a heel." I told him I wasn't sure about that since they had a guy they could market as a fan favorite to rival Cena, but Morrison interjected that Punk would be even more popular as a heel. We also talked about Cena and he expressed how awesome it would be if Cena would turn heel. He still seems very interested in the product. He also signed the MNM figures I brought and ALL THREE of his Encyclopedia entries without prompting. We then lined up for a photo and the handler grabbed Melina. She said, "Hey, you're back". I said, "Yes, and I brought Skittles!" She was excited and said, "I haven't had this kind!" Morrison says, "Yeah, that kind has protein" with a smile. I said, "No, but you can have a few of these and it won't hurt!" He smiled and said, "Yeah, I like Skittles."

We took our pic, I shook Morrison's hand, expressed more love for Melina and gave her a hug. My only regret with the experience was not getting any of this on video, but there was a sign up as I entered the Convention Center to not use video, so I didn't ask. Though I would have gladly paid a photograph fee.

I encourage anyone to go see Melina and Morrison. Melina was especially playful and sweet and I hope to meet her again one day.

I'm attaching the pics, both posed and candid, and threw in one with Verne Troyer for good measure!





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