• 05/12/2013 (12:33:52 am)
  • Bob Mulrenin

August 1st to the 4th in Charlotte, NC…

Mid-Atlantic Memories’ of a bygone wrestling era
Recreating the feel of a bygone era is no small feat.

But that’s exactly what Greg Price is attempting to do with a wrestling documentary that is expected to be released next summer.

Price, along with videographer John Andosca, is producing “Mid-Atlantic Memories,” a feature-length documentary that aims to capture the sights, sounds and feel of one of wrestling’s most revered territories and eras.

“I’m completely stoked about the opportunity we have to put something together that will conjure up everybody’s positive memories of when they grew up watching wrestling,” says Price, the brainchild behind the annual Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Fanfest.

“I think there’s a tremendous audience out there for not only the product, but for the wrestling itself ... the wrestling from your childhood.”

Thousands of fans, from all corners of the globe, flock to the summertime gathering to relive some of their most cherished moments when they faithfully followed Mid-Atlantic wrestling.

Price hopes to expand that Fanfest experience with his documentary.

“It’s really not the history of wrestling in the Carolinas. It will be like a history project when we’re done, but we’re not trying to go out and write the definitive history. This is the history according to the memories of all these people who are going to have a chance to tell their story.”

That, says Price, will include not only the performers of that era, but also the managers, promoters, referees and, most importantly, the fans.

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