• 01/21/2014 (5:43:35 pm)
  • Bob Mulrenin

Over the last few months, I had the time to watch plenty of Mid South/UWF, CWA, and Jim Crockett Promotions television episodes. I was always a big fan of The Fantastics. Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers were on par with The Rock N Roll Express as one of the best tag teams of that era. They had great psychology in selling a beating and building to a comeback. They could work a fast pace match for that era against The Midnight Express, which still holds up for ring work and story telling. They could work the snug style in All Japan Pro Wrestling.

I managed against The Fantastics as a rookie in World Class and later on in UWF. Every night that I managed John Tatum, Eddie Gilbert, Sting, Rick Steiner, or any combination against The Fantastics was usually  a great match. There was no blown spots, the matches told a story, and the crowd would get excited when we went towards the finish. John Tatum, who was still green at the time, was never lost in the ring, since The Fantastics were amazing in keeping a match together. The matches always built to a climatic ending in which a rookie like myself knew when it was my time to interject myself in to the match. My World Class and UWF career was greatly benefitted by working against The Fantastics.

This was during the era of kayfabe in which baby faces and heels had separate dressing rooms. Matches were put together with a finish and a few ideas that would be relayed thru the referee. The rest of the match was called in the ring. It’s a total lost art in my opinion. I probably had very little dialogue with Bobby Fulton in my career, but I always said for years about how I was so fortunate to work against him and Tommy Rogers.

I would definitely place Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers with Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, and Ricky Morton as one of the best baby face’s in the ring during the 1980’s.

I just recently learned that Bobby Fulton is developing blindness in his eye. If anybody ever enjoyed a Bobby Fulton match live, on television, or on youtube, a simple donation is a great way of saying thank you to a wrestler that made more of an effort to entertain the fans every night, rather than phone it in. Especially when the road schedule was a killer in his day.

If you don’t believe me about The Fantastics being one of the greatest teams, you can check these matches on youtube and make your own conclusion.






If you have a few minutes, please check out Bobby Fulton’s message.


Please keep Bobby in your prayers. If you want to help him out, you can make a donation at www.indiegogo.com


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